Aria Brands Launches Arbor CBD Products; Partners with Gofire

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DENVER – Aria Brands, a house of brands focused on hemp and cannabis product innovation, has launched Arbor™️, a hemp-derived CBD consumer product line. In conjunction with the launch, Arbor partnered with Gofire™️, a Denver-based
healthcare technology company with a patented, IoT-enabled inhaler for controlled dosing.

Inspired by the beauty and nature of Colorado, Arbor is an elegant line of CBD products made from premium quality natural ingredients. The Company currently offers three SKUs of tinctures, soothing Lavender Eucalyptus Salve and full-spectrum hemp extract Arbor Softgel Berries.


Arbor’s Morning Dew Drop tinctures come in a Citrus, Blueberry, and Natural flavor, with 500 milligrams per bottle for a wave of relaxation. All products can be found with a Gofire DoseCode, a branded QR code that can be scanned with the Gofire App to grant consumers access to in-depth product chemical formulations, verified lab test results, consumer product ratings and dosing information.

In addition, Arbor partnered with Gofire to create a unique consumer gifting program to further the brand’s focus on transparency, education, and empowerment around CBD usage. With every purchase of a patented Gofire device, consumers receive a complimentary Arbor CBD SmartCartridge <> and a discount to Arbor’s exclusive monthly CBD subscription box.

“We’ve been collaborating with the Gofire team for years, and we both have the same mission of giving the power back to the consumer by focusing on precise dosing and education,” said Michael Scherr, CEO of Aria Brands. “This partnership is a natural solution that enables our users to proactively monitor consumption and accomplish their individual health and wellness goals.”

Arbor’s premium hemp oil, made with 75 percent cannabinoids, has a rich and smooth flavor and approximately 500 milligrams of hemp extract by volume in each SmartCartridge. Gofire’s SmartCartridge is molded from FDA-approved, BPA-free, Class VI pharmaceutical-grade plastics, eliminating concerns regarding heavy metals leaching into the medicine. This partnership enables consumers to inhale Arbor’s broad spectrum oil in precise 2.5-milligram increments, providing a consistent, repeatable experience. Consumers can also view the concentrate’s chemical makeup, monitor intake and track outcomes via the Gofire App.

“We are thrilled to offer consumers and patients an Arbor CBD SmartCartridge when they purchase our device, so users across the country can experience this new delivery method,” said Joe Hodas, CEO of Gofire. “Now, Arbor can build upon their existing reputation of producing high-quality products for consumers who are particularly interested in a reliably consistent experience.”

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About Aria Brands
Aria Brands LLC is a holding company founded in 2019, currently with two wholly owned subsidiaries, including Higher Celebrations International, a novelty gifting product line for adults and Arbor Grove, hemp-derived CBD consumer product line for simplified and mindful living. Aria’s goal is to create memorable brands through differentiated consumer experiences, in both regulated hemp and cannabis markets. Arbor Grove offers a modern line of health and wellness CBD products, including Morning Dew Drop Tinctures, Lavender Eucalyptus Salve, Softgel Pills, and the premium Gofire Smart Cartidge.

Higher Celebrations International (HCI) offers unique packaging products focused on the cannabis gifting experience and special occasions. In May of 2019, HCI launched BirthJays, the world’s first pre-rolled joint birthday candle. Visit the BirthJays website

About Gofire
Gofire is a healthcare technology and data company developing systems for connected medicine to drive patient feedback for better health. Connected in the cloud, the Gofire Health Suite integrates hardware and software solutions to provide precise dosing tools for all modalities of medication; all while collecting data around use and efficacy to inform better decision making by patients, care professionals, researchers and drug manufacturers. Gofire’s technology enables patients and care professionals to obtain consistent results, removing the fear of overmedicating or missing a dose, while having the support of Gofire’s data analytics to identify medications and dosing regimens that work well for specific ailments or conditions.