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5 Things Brands Must Do for Long-Term Success

Back in 2018 when the farm bill passed, the CBD industry was booming and it was easy to create a successful brand when supply...
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CBD Brands Get Revenue Boost with Hemp Pre-Rolls

Hemp farmers are making money from nose to tail with their products thanks to a strong market for CBD pre-rolls. According to Grandview Research,...
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Hemp Brands Boost Earnings with Lucrative CBD Pre-Roll Strategy

Hemp and CBD cannabis manufacturers are turning to the pre-roll market to squeeze every bit of cash from their crops while creating high-value and...
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The Cannabinoid Market in 2025: Predictions

If you had known ahead of time that the domestic CBD market would explode in 2017, what would you have done differently? There’s no...
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Indigo and Haze: A CBD Wellness Company Offering More than Just Products

Indigo and Haze is building an online resource, a highly curated marketplace, for customers to gain access to quality products, relevant information, and creative...