Baked Bazaar: Online Marketplace for Curated Artisanal CBD Products

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Baked Bazaar

New York – With the abundance of CBD products now available, a new site removes the guesswork and offers a curated and seamless shopping experience. Baked Bazaar is an online marketplace that sells quality CBD products from artisanal brands and merchants to consumers all across the country—all accompanied by lab testing reports. Products ship for free, and many are only available exclusively at Baked Bazaar.

With everything from edibles, beverages and oils to freshly baked goods and pet products, Baked Bazaar offers a wide array of curated merchandise including transparent information about product ingredients and lab reports. It allows merchants of all sizes to rely on the platform’s technology to handle all aspects of the e-commerce experience from marketing to shipping. Brands exclusive to Baked Bazaar include Kanaice, Brooklyn Boocha and Muz Muz. Additional merchants include Buddha Beans Coffee, Canna Cake Babe, Momos CBD, Bimble, Cloud Water, CBDelight, Glenn Family Bakery, FishSki Provisions, The Rooted Co., Zenpup, Bailey’s, Cosset CBD, Vega, Rainbow Root Teas, Coco Canna Life, Ultra Violet, and Jenny’s Baked at Home.


“There are top-of-the-line bakeries, artisan makers and small brands creating delicious and soothing products that contain quality CBD,” said Feliks Gurevich, founder, Baked Bazaar. “Baked Bazaar was designed to bring these brands and their products to market and seamlessly connect consumers with safe, unique and exceptional options.”

Feliks, and his co-founder and wife Karina, personally vet every product sold on the site. The duo are self-avowed foodies, with deep experience in the e-commerce and CBD sectors. Feliks has served as an engineer, technology director­ and CTO for a suite of companies including Paddle8, Howcast and Wellthie, and most recently honed his skills at the largest curated marketplace for gourmet food and food gifts. His goal was to create an easy, enjoyable and most importantly safe experience for both consumers and merchants. A pharmacist by trade, Karina is well-versed on the therapeutic benefits of CBD and personally started using CBD to alleviate stress, and the muscle tensions that resulted from it, after traditional methods were not working.

“Baked Bazaar was born out of our own struggles to find quality and tasty CBD products,” said Karina. “As CBD continues to become more available and accessible, consumers are inundated with choice, and overwhelmed about where to start. Baked Bazaar is here to help them.”

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