Bazelet Oglesby Receives Florida A&M University Approval of THC-Free Plant

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ORLANDO, Fla. – Bazelet Oglesby announced it received approval of its tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-free Panakeia plant variety from Florida A&M University (FAMU) under its Industrial Hemp Pilot Project as administered by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS).

Panakeia is a patented zero THC, zero CBD cannabis plant that produces high concentrations of Cannabigerol [CBG], a molecule Bazelet Research has studied globally for years. According to Bazelet Research, the harvested cannabinoid from our Panakeia plants is the most promising of all cannabinoids for broad use in food, drug and cosmetic applications. It is a unique plant both in the lab and as well as in the field.


Bazelet Oglesby, the patent and trademark licensee of Panakeia enrolled the plant in the FAMU Industrial Hemp Pilot Project. The FDACS-required 12-week grow cycle was managed by Scott Burgett of Green Earth Cannacueticals who has evaluated numerous hemp strains through the FAMU Pilot, including Panakeia. “Having a truly THC free genetic is going to be a game changer for Florida farmers,” said Burgett. “This will allow farmers to maximize their crop yield, without the risk of having to destroy a non-compliant crop.”

“The potential of this cannabis variety and the major cannabinoid found in the Panakeia plant is like no other,” added David Grand, Bazelet’s Research Director. “I look forward to working with colleagues, scientists, farmers and patients globally, to study, innovate and access the potential of this plant.”

According to company Director Michael Elzufon, their Panakeia plants are the first-ever 0.00% THC cannabis plant grown, harvested, researched, tested and approved in any state in the country. “Proudly, this historic crop was produced in Altha, Florida by our business partner Oglesby Plants International, a 74-year-old, panhandle strong, agriculture powerhouse,” said Elzufon.

Florida A&M University is boldly leading the charge of Florida’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Projects and winning. “The University is pleased to partner with Green Earth Cannaceuticals and Bazelet Oglesby in the Industrial Hemp Pilot Project,” said Charles Weatherford, Ph.D., Vice President for Research at FAMU. “The scientific analysis of Panakeia indicated zero percent of Delta 8 or Delta 9-THC and a high CBG content and is indicative of a significant commercial value with very small risk to hemp farmers in Florida.”

“Bazelet Oglesby is one of only a few companies positioned to establish legal cannabis and hemp as a respected, sustainable industry,” stated Gary Hennen, Director with Bazelet Oglesby and President of Oglesby Plants International. “We are honored and accept with responsibility that we are part of authoring its history and our Panakeia plants support that effort.”

Bazelet Oglesby’s Panakeia young plants will be readily available to farmers throughout Florida and other key U.S. markets for the 2021 planting season.

About Bazelet Oglesby
Bazelet Oglesby is a leader in the propagation of young hemp plants, plant breeding, plant tissue culture, and plant-based product development. The company is a subsidiary of Bazelet Health Systems and Oglesby Plants International.
Bazelet is an American company leading the world in THC Free Cannabis (0.00% tetrahydrocannabinol) plant genetics, purpose-built for fiber and grain production and cannabinoid derived food, drug and cosmetic products. Bazelet also operates cERI, the cannabis Education and Research Initiative providing accredited education for undergraduates, physicians, farmers, and regulated industries coupled with a robust scientific platform conducting fundamental, applied and clinical research.