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LOS ANGELES – In an effort to ease the stress and take control of an on-again-off-again school year, BioFit 360, an industrial hemp CBD company, has launched a unique and delicious line of flavored CBD products. The new brand, InnerG, includes distinctly delicious Mint Chocolate and Orangesicle CBD oil drops, tasty gummies, and soothing sore muscle cream. All products are vegan, and the company is committed to the ocean and the earth using eco-friendly packaging.

InnerG products are not only flavorful, but they all contain effective doses of CBD to help take control of anxiety, stress, pain and sleep. InnerG products are legal in all 50 states — considered supplements, not drugs. They’re derived from the industrial hemp plant and do not contain THC, so there will never be a positive drug test, ever.


“With school schedules beginning in a variety of formats including online, hybrid, and in-person, we’re introducing a new and exciting alternative to help reduce stress and anxiety,” said Heather Hughes, President. “Our delicious CBD oil drops can help students and professionals manage the chaos in a natural, plant-based way.”

InnerG is excited to launch with incredible give-aways and special offers announced through its Instagram handle @InnerGcbd as well as through the InnerG website.

“We know once people try InnerG, they won’t go back to other brands—the drops are that delicious! InnerG is also sweetened with monk fruit as a healthy plant-based alternative to sugar, for those who have trouble managing blood-sugar,” says Hughes.

“Our team is excited to be working with prominent Pro Surfers, Motocross and Olympic athletes, as well as with like-minded health gurus, as we spread the word that InnerG is an effective alternative for managing anxiety, stress, pain, and sleep,” Hughes says.

Professional surfer Dylan Graves is totally onboard. “I explained to @InnerGcbd that I didn’t want another sticker on my board, I wanted to collaborate with friends,” he said. “That’s what it’s all about, on top of reaping the benefits of CBD.”

InnerG Oil Drops are currently available as an introductory offer at 50% OFF for a limited time. For more information about InnerG and its products, visit

About BioFit 360
BioFit 360 is an industrial hemp derived CBD company offering gummies, topicals and tinctures. BioFit 360 was founded by a group of medical professionals seeking natural alternatives to managing sleeplessness, pain, inflammation and anxiety. All of the company’s industrial hemp derived CBD products are third party laboratory tested, THC-Free (less than 0.3%), vegan, GMO-Free, made-in-the-USA, organically sourced, and have the highest customer satisfaction ratings. For more information about BioFit360 and its products, visit