Botanacor Laboratories Opens New Facility in Denver

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DENVER – Botanacor Laboratories, the widely recognized leader in accredited testing of hemp biomass and hemp-derived CBD products, today announced that is has opened a new state-of-the-art laboratory testing facility in Denver. The new facility expands Botanacor Laboratories test volume capacity 10 fold over its previous operations. Botanacor is the first ISO/IEC Standard 17025 hemp-testing laboratory and the only analytical laboratory designed to accommodate the full suite of hemp tests.

Validation is the core of Botanacor’s principles, and the reason for the Company’s unrivaled success among North American hemp labs. The validation processes reach across the facility, the testing processes, the equipment, and the testing methods.


“Through Botanacor’s comprehensive Quality System, the new lab has been purpose-built to meet cGMP/GLP requirements. Our clients benefit through the preparation of accurate and reproducible test results; the generation of legally defensible data; and the ability to withstand the scrutiny of the inevitable transition into an FDA-regulated system,” said Botanacor co-founder Mike Branvold. “Additionally, Botanacor is preparing for DEA-registration to meet (proposed) USDA requirements, further enhancing our leading position in the marketplace.”

Botanacor’s Laboratory Design:
Botanacor’s Analytical laboratory has streamlined its test workflow using a custom-built, proprietary LIMS system that dramatically improves efficiency, while reducing the potential for clerical errors. Botanacor’s Microbiology and Molecular Biology laboratory suites have been specifically designed and engineered to include a HEPA-filtered air handling system, employing a unidirectional workflow to manage containment, providing proper channels for sample workflows and waste streams.

“Botanacor Laboratories has distinguished itself from its competitors by building a State-of-the-Art testing laboratory, designed to meet cGMP regulations on par with that of the FDA-regulated industry, and streamlined to deliver test results faster than any company known today,” added Botanacor and Agricor’s COO, Dr. Carl Craig (formally of Charles River Laboratories) (NYSE: CRL).

About Botanacor
Botanacor was the first Colorado-based laboratory founded for, and entirely focused on, hemp and CBD testing. Botanacor participated in the first-ever Hemp Pilot Program conducted in Colorado in 2014. The Company has clearly distinguished itself among its competitors through its facilities validation, process controls, equipment validation, pharmaceutical best-practices, and rapid response. Learn more: