Cannibble Food-Tech Ltd. Launches “The Pelicann” Edibles in the U.S.

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KFAR SABA, Israel – An Israeli-based food-tech developer of cannabis-based edibles targeting a variety of different, new and revolutionary types of cannabis infused food, beverages, spices and more, announces first sales in the USA.

“The Pelicann™️” products were successfully presented at the MJBizCon last December 2019. We had thousands of visitors and exhibitors visiting our booth at the show, tasting our CannaShakes and Ice cream. Cannibble was widely complimented for its innovative edibles products, the superb flavors, brand design, colors and duty-free class packaging.


We have met numerous local and international distributors, licensed THC manufacturers, CBD shops owners, leading edibles players that are looking to partner with us for our new products and other sales channels. All are looking for immediate products which we can supply in few days.

During the show we started to sell our CBD and Hemp seeds products in Las Vegas at the REY Las Vegas kiosk at the Harmon Retail Corner across the Cosmopolitan Hotel. We are looking to open more locations like that all over the USA according to local regulations.

Cannibble’s CBO Mr. Ziv Turner commented: “We are overwhelmed with the feedback we got from all our visitors at the show. The number of leads we got for sales, distribution and local THC manufacturing is stunning. We have our hands full with work for the next months.”

Mr. Elad Barkan, Cannibble’s CTO and Chef, added: “According to the thousands of visitors. we have with no doubt hit the right flavors, texture and taste of the samples products they have tried. The Salted caramel, Sugar free coffee CannaShakes and the vanilla ice-cream were our biggest hits. On the first day we run out of a full day of stock within 90 min. people stood in line. It was incredible.”

Mr. Yoav Bar Joseph, CEO says: “Prior to the show we have signed a first major distribution agreement for our CBD products of 4.8 M$ in 24 months.”

The Pelicann presents powder-mixes enhanced with cannabinoids and hemp products. The products are proposed for a personal use with a “single-serve” packages and proposed for kiosks and convenience stores for instant serving of prepared products. Our easiest preparation concept promises a freshly made Cupcakes or Shakes or flavored Popcorn or many others just in few seconds by the consumer. It’s easy to make it everywhere.

The Pelicann products are offered in three families of cannabis, easy to spot by unique colors and carrying all types of cannabis ingredients from Hemp seeds, Hemp seeds oils and Hemp protein (Green); Full-spectrum CBD to Isolated CBD (Pink) and THC infused (Blue). All of The Pelicann products are manufactured under a strict Food manufacturing QA protocols and with a known, tested and fixed cannabinoids dosage.

Products are destined to markets according to local regulations with the following segments for first launch to market:

Cannashakes Sports™️

About Cannibble Food-Tech Ltd.
Cannibble Food-Tech Ltd., is an Israeli based food developer company with more than 35 years accumulated food developing, manufacturing and global distribution and 7 years’ experience with the Pharma-grade and Recreational Cannabis markets, by its founders. Cannibble owns the brand “The Pelicann.”