CBD Living Announces New Accessible Website

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Example of “Dark High-Contrast” accessibility tool.

CORONA, Calif. – Global CBD manufacturer and distributor CBD Living has unveiled a brand-new website, complete with dozens of accessibility tools, becoming the most consumer-friendly CBD marketplace on the web. Now, consumers with all levels of ability can easily and comfortably access the CBD Living website, learn more about how CBD can help them, and purchase products.

New accessibility components include keyboard navigation, text readers, voice commands, color and contrast adjustments, font size and spacing adjustments, magnifiers, image descriptions and a dictionary tool. Users can access these settings by clicking on the International Symbol of Access (International Wheelchair Symbol) found on the left side of every CBD Living webpage. A full list of accessibility options can be found below.


These new features are courtesy of EqualWeb, a service committed to promoting digital accessibility for people with disabilities. The components are compliant with codes WCAG 2.1, EN 301549, Section 508 and the ADA and are compatible with most web browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge and Opera.

“We find that we receive daily orders from people of all ages, genders and geographic locations, and we wondered how we could expand our reach even more,” says CBD Living COO Sean McDonald. “Since CBD is helpful to so many, we wanted to ensure that all people could easily access the site and receive help. We’re looking forward to serving an even broader range of customers with these new tools.”

Full list of CBD Living website accessibility options:


Screen reader adjustment: Makes the site compatible for screen reader users
Keyboard navigation: Enables users to navigate by keyboard, without using the mouse
Smart navigation: Enables users to navigate the site by numeric keys
Blinks blocking: Stops blinking and flashing of moving content
Text reader: Reads the site’s text aloud, in supported browsers
Voice commands: Executes commands with a microphone, in supported browsers

Color adjustment

Adjusts the color on backgrounds, headers & content
Bright high-contrast: Changes the site’s background to white, with dark fonts
Dark high-contrast: Changes the site’s background to black, with white fonts
Monochrome: Changes the site’s colors to grayscale

Content adjustment

Font: Adjust sfont size, line spacing and word spacing
Cursor: Enlarges the cursor and change its color
Magnifier: Zooms the screen’s display
Readable font: Converts the site’s font to sans-serif readable fonts
Image descriptions: Displays image descriptions in a floating window
Highlight links: Highlights the site links
Highlight headers: Highlights the site headers
Readable mode: Displays the site’s contents in a new window, clearly and readable
Text magnifier: Increases the content chosen by the cursor, shown in a tooltip
Dictionary: Describes words by mouse selection
Virtual keyboard: Enables users to type content using the mouse

About CBD Living:
CBD Living is one of the fastest-growing global cannabidiol (CBD) manufacturers and distributors, with more than 100 products in 5,000 stores and shipping to consumers worldwide. CBD Living’s prestigious in-house scientists use ultrasound waves to break down CBD into nanoparticles, allowing the CBD to pass through the blood membrane for enhanced absorption. This proprietary technique leads to up to 90 percent bioavailability, compared to 10-15 percent bioavailability when consumed in a traditional CBD product. From the original CBD Living Water product to CBD gummies, chocolates, freezes, tinctures, vapes, bath bombs and more, CBD Living is constantly innovating to bring the future of CBD to consumers today. For more information, please visit www.cbdliving.com