CBD-Reviewed Conducts Extensive Global Survey on CBD


NEW YORK – CBD-focused content platform CBD-Reviewed has released the results of its comprehensive survey that covered several aspects of cannabidiol (CBD) including but not limited to its usage, potential health applications and usage patterns globally. The survey data was collected over a month with inputs from users on CBD portals, forums, several CBD sites, and social media. A total of 152 respondents comprising men and women (employed, self-employed and students) across eight countries took the survey.

CBD Infographic by cbd-reviewed.com



CBD-Reviewed published the findings of its CBD survey and associated trends along with evidence-based opinions from leading CBD researchers and industry experts that match the observations in the data collected. Emily Kyle is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Certified Holistic Cannabis Practitioner who adopts a holistic healthcare approach combining medical nutrition therapy and cannabis therapeutics. Dr. Vincenzo Di Marzo is the Research Director at the ICB-CNR in Pozzuoli Coordinator of the Endocannabinoid Research Group in Naples, an Associate Research Director at the National Research Council in Italy and the holder of a Canada Excellence Research Chair at Université Laval in Quebec City, Canada.

“We are committed to keeping our community informed about the latest CBD news and studies. From CBD reviews to industry updates, we are laser-focused on maintaining the authenticity of our curated content through extensive research and interviews with leading experts, health professionals and researchers,” said Pawel Netreba, Co-Founder CBD-Reviewed.

“There is no such thing as ‘one cannabis,’ cannabis does not equate marijuana, and cannabinoids do not equate THC. There are several cannabinoids, but only one of them is known to be responsible for the psychotropic effects of marijuana, which is prepared only from the flowers of those varieties of cannabis that contain high levels of THC,” said Dr. Vincenzo Di Marzo.

For in-depth CBD reviews, research, and interviews or to check out the findings of the latest survey, visit https://cbd-reviewed.com/people-vs-experts-cbd-reviewed-presents-the-lowdown-on-cbd-usage-and-applications.

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