Cultivate Now Offers CBD Wellness Enhancements at California’s La Casa Del Zorro Resort & Spa

San Diego, CA — Luxury wellness brand Cultivate announced today that its newly-launched collection of CBD Softgels, Tinctures and topical Soothing Balm is now available at the La Casa Del Zorro Resort & Spa in Borrego Springs, California.
“We are over the moon about La Casa Del Zorro adding our incredible health-focused product line to its on-site retail and spa services,” said Cultivate CEO Gina Champion-Cain. “We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship that promotes a healthy and happy daily lifestyle for guests.”
The company’s phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil products are prominently featured amongst the desert resort’s retail and spa offerings; Cultivate’s ethically-made items are for sale in the Spa retail shop and included in the Spa Menu.
One specialty add-on service highlights the cocoa butter-based Soothing Balm infused with peppermint for a chilled-out, cooling effect – a perfect escape from the scorching summer heat. “The Cultivate Soothing Balm melts right into the skin and works amazingly well during a massage for extra-special relaxation and a feel-good treat,” added Champion-Cain.
Priscilla Harris, one of the spa’s cosmetologists at La Casa Del Zorro, is already a fan: “Since using the Cultivate Soothing Balm, my back is more relaxed and the pressure is no longer present and the pain has subsided. I do not feel any more pain with constant use, and if it flares up I immediately apply the balm and get relief very quickly.”
Champion-Cain added, “Our 100% THC-free hemp extract with Phytocannabinoids can provide an extra level of soothing relief for tired muscles and aching joints without any effects that sometimes can be felt with products containing THC… and Cultivate guarantees only cruelty-free, paraben-free products with as many organic, responsibly-grown ingredients as possible.”
In addition to La Casa Del Zorro, the Cultivate Wellness Collection is also available for purchase online at, and Cultivate is now accepting wholesale customers to expand the brand’s retail reach.


Cultivate is a women-owned wellness brand based in San Diego, California.  Established in 2018, after countless hours of research, development, and working with high caliber individuals in the industry, our products bring together quality hemp-oil combined with superb ingredients.
Our unprecedented commitment and desire to bring the best in hemp-oil to our variety of products comes from a greater understanding of seeing the process from start to finish. Being passionate about what we put in and on our bodies is what drives our dedication to bringing amazing products to you. Welcome to Cultivate!