Daytrip Introduces Line of NightTrip Gummies and Prebiotic Sodas at Natural Products Expo West

Daytrip Introduces Line of NightTrip Gummies and Prebiotic Sodas at Natural Products Expo West


Daytrip Beverages, a mood-elevation company, launched their new NightTrip gummies and prebiotic sodas at Natural Products Expo West (Booth #5774), the leading event for the food and beverage industry. The new products are infused with Daytrip’s signature proprietary blend of botanical terpenes, known for elevating mood and promoting ease. Committed to the belief that happier is healthier, Daytrip’s hemp and hemp-free products are made to achieve greater mental and physical health through the power of plants.


Coming to market in flavor blackberry lemon, Daytrip’s NightTrip gummies are available in two options – CBD + CBN infused, and hemp-free with melatonin and valerian root. The gluten-free and vegan gummies contain calming botanical terpenes designed to ease tension and prepare the mind for restful sleep. They are available on their website and at select retailers for $20 for a pack of 10.

Daytrip’s prebiotic sodas come in three delicious flavors, clementine, berry citrus, and grapefruit lime. Made to boost the mind-gut connection, their prebiotics support gut health while the combination of botanical terpenes and Vitamin C support immune-boosting properties. They are available on their website and at select retailers for $36.00 for a case of 12.

“All of our products are designed to help consumers seize the day,” said CEO & Co-Founder Shawn Biega. “We’re thrilled to introduce our prebiotic soda and NightTrip gummies at one of the most notable events for natural product retail.”

Prior to launching their NightTrip gummies and prebiotic sodas, Daytrip solely released CBD-infused products, including CBD-infused sparkling water and gummies. Promoting the balancing nature of CBD remains a top priority for the mood elevation company. However, without FDA regulation on CBD products, Daytrip is committed to sharing the mood elevation properties of its proprietary terpene blend with consumers with its greater product suite.

“Hoping that the FDA regulates CBD isn’t a viable strategy,” said Joey Cannata, President & Co-Founder. “It’s our top priority that consumers everywhere can access the restorative benefits of our terpene blend in every product we release.”

About Daytrip Beverages

Daytrip is a mood-elevation company founded in 2019 on the belief we all need more day trips. Daytrip infuses all functional food and beverage products with botanical terpenes, naturally occurring compounds proven to boost mood and reduce stress without fatigue, so consumers can harness the “Daytrip Effect.” Daytrip’s proprietary blends of terpenes are curated by experts who have carefully evaluated the most popular botanical mood-enhancing strains for over a decade. To learn more about Daytrip, visit