Denver-Based CBD 100% Relief Moves Fulfillment Center to North Texas

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DALLAS – CBD 100% Relief, a Denver based company has moved their fulfillment center to the Dallas, TX area despite the current climate. CBD 100% Relief is an online store that sells organic CBD products direct to consumer and offers wholesale and private label options to various retailers.

CBD 100% Relief is a premier online source for high quality organic CBD distillate oil and CBD topicals.


“We are in an industry that is already challenging, and the recent viral outbreak is not helping either, but we cannot cease operations,” said Daniel Sandoval, CEO of CBD 100% Relief. “We have to take additional precautionary measures at our FDA registered facility to ensure that our products remain sterile, and unfortunately limit direct contact with people.”

Due to the outbreak, there will be more Federal and State mandates limiting in-person interactions at brick and mortar stores. With this being said, CBD 100% Relief for the time being will be offering 25% Off their products and Free Shipping nationwide direct to consumer. You can visit their store online at and apply coupon code 0025CBD100 @ checkout.

“We know stress and anxiety levels are extremely high right now and we have amazing products that can help combat that,” Sandoval said. “We want to do our part and give back as much as possible during these troubling times. We are also very excited about our fulfillment center being in Dallas, TX. Dallas/Fort Worth has a strong economy and serves as a great hub city. We will safely continue taking care of our customers on a national scale.”

For questions or inquiries, please email [email protected]

About CBD 100% Relief
CBD 100% Relief’s mission is to bring physical and mental relief to every man, woman, and loved one across the globe. Relief Matters. Their products are 100% organic but they are also CBD distillate. CBD distillates are one of the most potent types of CBD concentrates that exist today. The distillation process creates the cleanest CBD concentrates that are 100% pure on a molecular level. Meaning the whole hemp plant is kept in its purest form. On average, their CBD distillate products can contain between 80-90% CBD derived from hemp and the remaining 10-20% consists of other cannabinoids, phytocannabinoids, terpenes, various plant extracts and other oils. Most CBD companies use a process called Winterization to extract their CBD. That process can only produce CBD extracts up to 55-65% while washing out the majority of other important medicinal compounds found in the hemp plant. Their highly concentrated CBD products are so effective, you can even use far less product than the suggested serving and get similar results. Pure CBD oil should have a clear, almost pale honey like color. That is what they have and what you will get every time. At CBD 100% Relief, they believe in keeping it 100. Meaning, they strive to keep their products 100% unadulterated. In addition, their products our 100% Non-GMO, 100% Made in USA, 100% Lab Tested, and 100% Organic. Come and join the Relief Matters movement and Keep it 100 with CBD 100% Relief!