Dicalite Launches Two New Products Under the Harvest Hero Brand

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WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. – Dicalite Management Group, LLC, (“Dicalite” or the “Company”) is pleased to introduce the second and third products from Harvest Hero, a brand of value-added soil amendments and growing media targeting the cannabis industry and overall horticultural market.

Harvest Hero Perlite + Silica

The latest product release comes during a time of increased demand for soilless substrates in hydroponic environments, vertical farming, and traditional horticultural markets. To satisfy these demands, Dicalite’s product development team focused on the use of diatomaceous earth, a naturally occurring mineral comprised of soluble silicon, an American Association of Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO) beneficial plant substance. The silicon, or silica, helps to fortify plants’ cell walls, creating a stress-free environment for growers’ plants. Perlite + Silica features a natural, disease-free soilless substrate that mitigates greenhouse insects, increases node and flower development, and requires less nutrition solution. In 2021, University of Kentucky researchers tested Perlite+ Silica to evaluate the influence of diatomaceous earth-coated perlite on the growth and yield of greenhouse grown parthenocarpic beit alpha (mini) cucumbers (Cucumis sativus L. ‘Qwerty’). A leading University of Kentucky Researcher revealed, “When trialing the Perlite+ Silica, we observed fewer greenhouse insect pests such as fungus gnats and shore fly larvae and adults. Cucumber plants grown with Perlite+ Silica were determined to have an increased number of nodes per plant and required ~21% less nutrient solution than control plants. Therefore, the addition of silicon assisted with reduced water requirements during summer production. Additionally, the Perlite+ Silica provided a level of buffering capacity to maintain an optimal root-zone pH.”

Harvest Hero Hydroponic Perlite

Harvest Hero is also debuting their OMRI-listed Hydroponic Perlite. A natural, soilless growing medium designed to increase yields for hydroponic growers and systems. Hydroponic Perlite features a 100% sterile growing medium, free from weeds, insects, and disease to ensure a 100% consistent product. Unlike rockwool, Hydroponic Perlite retains excellent air to water balance and is an excellent soil substrate for lush plant growth. Hydroponic Perlite is proven to increase plant vigor due to its oxygen uptake and superior water drainage and can represent cost savings to the grower in the form of water conservation and fertilization costs. Harvest Hero’s mission is to deliver innovative soil amendments and growing media that improve growers’ yields. Plants can be grown directly in Harvest Hero products, or in a blend of Harvest Hero products plus peat moss, coconut coir, or compost. Dicalite controls every aspect of the supply chain for this product line, which is 100% domestically sourced. Harvest Hero’s specialty line of soilless media is exclusively available for purchase at www.HarvestHero.com.

About Dicalite

Dicalite, founded in 1928, is a vertically integrated producer of industrial minerals. In North America, Dicalite is the largest miner of perlite, the largest miner of vermiculite, and a major producer of diatomaceous earth. These industrial minerals are used in the horticultural, filtration, and building products industries, among many others. Dicalite operates a total of 16 facilities and operations across the United States, Canada, and Belgium.