Elev8 Hemp Introduces New Logo and Label Design

Elev8 Hemp-logo-CBD-CBDToday

ORLANDO, Fla.Elev8 Brands, Inc. (OTCQB: VATE), a holding company focused on the commercial development of hemp and cannabinoid-infused beverages along with an array of CBD topicals and tinctures, announces a reorder of 100,000 units of its ready to drink CBD infused iced tea along with a bold new look as it continues to gain national attention.

Elev8 Hemp’s new order will feature a creative new design around its upgraded company logo. This new design will be reflected across all products creating continuity which is a key element for emerging brands. Elev8 gained traction in just a few short months selling through all its initial run of ready to drink products. The Company believes having a recognizable logo is an integral part of establishing a national brand, and this eye-catching new design makes Elev8 distinct and easily legible for those both new to and familiar with the brand. In the interim, the company placed a small reorder of tea and coffee with the existing labels that will fulfill current orders while the new labels are being printed. In tandem with this small run, Elev8 Hemp placed an order for 100,000 ready-to-drink iced tea bottles, which are currently in hand and awaiting freshly designed labels before shipment. The company encourages investors and consumers alike to keep their eyes out for the official new flavor announcements in the coming weeks.


The Company is working with Bright Rain Collaborative (BRC) for all of its branding and marketing. Bright Rain Collaborative’s leadership has a long and well documented experience in marketing and advertising for a number of very well-known brands. Some of these include Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juices, Energems, Olive Garden, Barnies Coffee & Tea Company, Lennar and BlockStrong. They have successfully brought several start-ups and emerging brands on to the national scene over the years.

“Our experience, over the past 30+ years, working with emerging potential national brands, has taught us to prepare for the ultimate potential of the product in the beginning. We see Elev8 Hemp and its ambitious product line as being ready to quickly assume a leadership role in the Hemp/CBD space. It was therefore imperative that Elev8 Hemp define its position in terms of where the market is now and also where it will be 3-5 years from now,” said Bob Sitter, BRC CEO Bob Sitter.

“A company’s logo embodies more than just a brand—it sends a message to the consumer about the company’s mission, values, and dedication to quality products,” said Elev8 Hemp’s CEO Ryan Medico. “This redesign comes at an exciting time for Elev8 Hemp as it continues to grow a commanding presence in the competitive CBD market.”

About Elev8 Hemp, Inc.
Elev8 Hemp’s mission is simple: craft the highest-quality, organic hemp products for consumers in search of a healthier, happier lifestyle. Everyone needs to get the proper amount of healthy proteins to keep them feeling better and more energetic. We source only the best organic hemp protein powders—naturally full of powerhouse amino acids and Omegas-3, 6, and 9—so we can infuse your daily coffee and tea with an abundance of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber.

Mother Nature creates this pure hemp with a rare, perfect balance for optimal nutrition and exceptional taste. Elev8 Hemp takes these raw, natural products and transforms them into delicious CBD-infused beverages that will become your new favorite daily drink. CBD-infused coffees and teas are our specialty, and we take our mission very seriously. Let us do what we do best and let achieving a healthier lifestyle be as simple as remembering your morning cup.