Enhanced Pet Sciences, AgTech Scientific Publish First Results of CBD Study

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PARIS, Ky. – Enhanced Pet Sciences (EPS) and AgTech Scientific are pleased to announce the first of a dozen anticipated publications from its multi-year clinical studies on cannabidiol (CBD).  These studies are being undertaken with the University of Kentucky and in collaboration with other leading universities. The initial publication which studies the impact of treats containing CBD on canine responses to “noise-induced fear” can be found at the link below in Frontiers Veterinary Science: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fvets.2020.569565/full

EPS has been also been working in parallel with UK’s Gluck Equine Research Center to study the impact of CBD on equine inflammation. The Gluck Center aims to publish the data from the initial phases of the study by the end of this year. This research, that began in late 2018, is expected to provide valuable qualitative and quantitative information on safety, dosing, delivery methods, and efficacy of CBD in equine applications.


With respect to the canine study, EPS points to the following quote from the article:

“Consumption of food and treats, consistency of stool, frequency of elimination, activity during exercise, mucus membrane color, and other indicators of general health status were monitored twice daily by research personnel. Evidence of any adverse event—defined as any symptom occurrence that would not be expected in normal dogs—was also monitored. However, no adverse events were observed in any dogs following the administration of CBD treats during this study.”

Reid Parr, Head of Research and Development at EPS, is looking forward to publishing subsequent trials currently under way, stating: “Our focus now with the canine research is to provide further clarity on areas highlighted in these initial studies for further inquiry, particularly related to dosing and contraindications.” He notes the following quote from the canine study as an example of some of the insight gained from the peer reviewed research:

“It may be inadvisable to administer CBD concomitantly with other products or medications as the results from this study highlight potential drug interactions associated with CBD use. Considering the increased interest of CBD use in companion animals, continued research is essential to understanding the mechanisms by which CBD may exert anxiolytic effects as well as possible risks, like drug interactions, associated with CBD administration.”

Michael Joseph French, President of EPS, is pleased with the progress on both the canine and equine studies stating: “EPS was founded as a research driven company. Our vision was to understand the true benefits of CBD and hemp derived products through clinically proven research, for the benefit our four-legged friends and humans further down the road. We are pleased to publish these first trials. I am more enthusiastic about the future of CBD and hemp derived products than ever before. We believe our studies will prove helpful to researchers, regulators and pet parents alike.”

About AgTech Scientific
The company is truly virtually integrated with indoor and outdoor farming, agricultural processing, extraction of CBD and other key ingredients, and the manufacturing of consumer packaged goods. In 2017, a master agreement was signed with the University of Kentucky. We believe the multi-year studies will prove helpful to researchers, regulators and the general public to better understand the effects and potential benefits of hemp derived products.
The company is based in Paris, KY and has two facilities. The 2,000,000 square foot ultra-modern greenhouse and Ag processing center allows for premium growing and production year-round. The new 50,000 square foot Extraction and Manufacturing Center is just minutes away from the greenhouse. This new facility allows for extraction, formulation, and consumer packaged goods manufacturing in a custom-built environment.