Hugs CBD Expands Business

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Since its inception, Hugs CBD has been bringing transparency to the CBD industry. Hugs creates natural, botanical products with ingredients that are both sourced and displayed honestly. But this health and beauty startup has gained press attention for another reason, Hugs donates a portion of all of their proceeds to the charity, 10,000 Beds.

10,000 Beds helps match people who are looking for help with addiction recovery with treatment centers that have empty beds. The high cost of recovery treatment is often a deterrent for people with limited resources, and too often the financial obstacles that stand in the way of recovery leave people with limited options.


Hugs CEO, Josey Orr says that the concept of recovery is central to his business, in more ways than one. “I wanted to create products that were affordable to regular consumers, but still have the highest quality CBD,” says Orr. “We want our products to be used not only for the practice of self-care but as one element of holistic recovery.”

But an emphasis on recovery is also made evident by Hugs’ employee-focused company model, which promotes shorter, more productive work weeks, and the option to work from home. Orr says that this is just another way that Hugs hopes to create a culture of wellness and recovery, and it seems that social scientists agree. Studies on productivity in the workplace point to shorter workweeks as being positively correlated not only to higher output from employees, but also a greater sense of mental wellness.

But aside from their employee-centric workplace, Hugs also helps to create wellness through an extremely diverse range of products. From skincare oils and face masks, to bath bombs, drink mix, and gummies, all their products are third-party laboratory tested for potency.

Rigorous testing is an important element of any successful CBD company since the industry is saturated with varying levels of potency for deceptively similar products. This is where transparency plays a major role in Hugs’ business model. One of the young company’s best-selling points is that customers really feel that they are getting what they pay for in terms of quality and potency in CBD.

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is just one of over 100 chemicals, called cannabinoids, which have been identified in the cannabis plant. CBD is extracted for medicinal use and has been studied extensively for its healing properties. CBD does not contain the psychoactive compounds that are usually associated with its cannabidiol cousin, THC, this means that CBD does not induce a “high” feeling and is safe for users across a wide spectrum of age groups.

Hugs has received praise from across the industry, winning awards for their CBD bath bombs, along with glowing online reviews and write-ups. Now Hugs is expanding its business to a larger variety of online and in-store retailers across the United States.