Hyasynth First to Market with CBD Produced Using Microbial Biosynthesis

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MONTREAL – Hyasynth, a sustainable biotechnology company, takes top spot from global competitors by making the first ever sale of cannabidiol (CBD) produced and extracted from yeast. Hyasynth produces CBD through a yeast fermentation process, without the need for traditional cultivation and extraction from cannabis or hemp plants. The material was produced using Hyasynth’s proprietary yeast under contract by a fermentation partner. This production marks a key commercialization achievement and positions the company to move towards large scale commercial manufacturing.

Hyasynth was among the first companies to specialize in cannabinoid production by fermentation, also called cellular agriculture or biosynthesis – a field that has seen more than $500 million in investments over the last three years. Cannabinoids that are produced this way are expected to provide huge benefits in cost, quality and sustainability versus traditional plant cultivation and extraction. Hyasynth’s platform allows it to produce CBD, one of only two natural cannabinoids in clinically proven products. The company’s primary competitors have recently announced work on CBG, the precursor to CBD, which is easier to make but lacks an established market.


Hyasynth’s fermentation process takes less than one week to complete, making it 12 times faster than production by cannabis or hemp plants. Fermentation is a traditional manufacturing process for pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic products. A widely known example of this process is the production of insulin by bacteria. Unlike other production methods, fermentation results in natural, bio-based products and final ingredients that are pesticide and GMO-free. Hyasynth’s technology can be scaled through partnerships with fermentation facilities that already exist worldwide. With these product features, Hyasynth is set to reshape the industry for major cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, and rare cannabinoids that are found in very low levels in cannabis and hemp plants.

While an increasing number of medical researchers and consumers are finding benefits from CBD, many CBD suppliers and products have recently been warned by regulatory agencies for listing false information on the quantity of CBD and type of ingredients in their products. Hyasynth’s technology provides a reliable option for the global supply chain.

“Our head start in this area was a key factor in us being the first to reach commercial sale of CBD and CBDa produced from a reliable and sustainable source.” said Kevin Chen, CEO of Hyasynth. “We’ve assembled an excellent team of researchers, built an IP portfolio across many cannabinoids, and our production & sale achievement is one of the last checkpoints before we make our solution available worldwide.” The company is in the process of scaling up its CBD and CBDa production process to industrial volumes and aims to deliver scaled production in 2021.

Hyasynth is looking for additional partners to join in commercializing its wide range of biobased cannabinoids.

About Hyasynth Biologicals
Hyasynth Biologicals Inc. is a Montreal, Canada based biotechnology company that produces sustainable products through fermentation. It was founded in 2014 to satisfy a growing demand for cannabinoids by the pharmaceutical and consumer markets. Hyasynth’s Better Cannabinoids technology enables scalable, low cost production of THC, CBD, CBG, and rare cannabinoids not typically accessible by plant cultivation. Investors in Hyasynth include the venture capital firm SOSV and IndieBio, and the strategic investor Organigram Holdings Inc. For more information see www.hyasynthbio.com