Indigo and Haze: A CBD Wellness Company Offering More than Just Products

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Indigo and Haze is building an online resource, a highly curated marketplace, for customers to gain access to quality products, relevant information, and creative inspiration. In simpler terms: access, education, and inspiration. “I love nature, botanical medicines, and plant remedies,” said Elana Frankel, co-founder of Indigo and Haze. “This combination can bring about a healing transformation, and sharing knowledge and the science behind it through our online experience is just the beginning.”

Origin of the brand 


Women & Weed magazine Indigo and Haze CBD TodayIn 2015, Elana Frankel fractured her skull. One second she was chatting with girlfriends; the next, she was having a CAT scan. Her traumatic brain injury (TBI) left her bedridden with a swollen brain and no sense of smell or taste. As a wife and mother with a career as a creative director and yoga teacher, the traditional solution for TBIs—bed rest in a dark room with no stimuli (for a year)—did not work for Elana’s lifestyle. So, when her husband discovered research on CBD and its natural anti-inflammatory properties, he suggested the remedy. Though hesitant, Elana decided to try CBD after more research and education.

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As she began to heal and return to the world (faster than expected), she wanted to take that knowledge and create a place for others. It needed to be a place that reflected her aesthetic, a “high-thread-count hippie lifestyle,” and with well-designed product. So, she partnered with the best chief financial officer, chief operating officer, and business development people she could find and built a team to execute the vision. Thus, and @indigoandhaze were born. Indigo and Haze tea mg Magazine CBD Today