Institute of Biomedical Research unveils artificial intelligence (AI) powered initiatives within its CBD product range

CAPE TOWN, South Africa —

Institute of Biomedical Research Corp. (OTC-PINK: MRES) (“Institute of Biomedical Research” or the “Company”), a nutraceutical biotechnology company focused on alternative plant-based cannabinoids, medical psilocybin, and mental health therapeutic research in addition to artificial intelligence-powered, evidence-based sustainable nutritional products and solutions is pleased to provide a comprehensive update on their recent accomplishments and integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in their biotechnology and medical solutions.


Over the past 18 months, the company along with its subsidiary M2Bio Sciences, has made considerable advances towards its mission in developing exceptional health products and solutions as well as further solidifying its position as an innovator in the global biotech industry. Through the application of cutting-edge AI algorithms and machine learning, the company has created highly efficient nutritional assistance solutions.

The company has also been actively researching psychedelic compounds for potential therapeutic use in mental health disorders. By employing AI-driven techniques in data research and predictive models, leveraging AI algorithms to analyze vast datasets and identify patterns, M2Bio Sciences has made significant strides in understanding the therapeutic potential and promising results in the treatment of psychedelics for conditions such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

M2Bio Sciences continues to collaborate with leading experts and institutions to further explore the therapeutic potential of psychedelic compounds. As one of a handful of companies in the world, M2Bio Sciences is actively researching the magic mushroom compound psilocybin by funding research at the University of South Africa. The exploratory research is aiming to discover novel indications for medical conditions such as depression, inflammation, and substance addiction.

“We are thrilled to share the remarkable progress made by the Institute of Biomedical Research. Our commitment to advancing biotechnology has fueled our success, enabling us to develop ground-breaking solutions and contribute to the betterment of global health. Integrating artificial intelligence into biotechnology and medical solutions marks a significant milestone for our company. By harnessing the power of AI, we have unlocked new possibilities for improving global healthcare outcomes and revolutionizing the way we approach medical research and treatment.” stated Jeff Robinson CEO of the Institute of Biomedical Research.

The company also owns and operates three medicinal cannabis consumer goods brands: Medspresso, Dr. AnnaRx, and Liviana. The brands span a wide range of premium CBD- and mushroom-infused consumer goods including bioceuticals, health and wellness, and precision foods and beverages.

Recently, M2Enviro, the sustainability division of M2Bio Sciences, announced it was gearing up to introduce the world to Hempcelium. Hempcelium is a sustainable, biodegradable, and eco-friendly packaging solution made from a proprietary hemp and mycelium composite. Hempcelium is an alternative to environmentally harmful polystyrene.

Looking forward, the Institute of Biomedical Research and M2Bio Sciences remain unwavering in their dedication to advancing biotechnology and medical solutions through AI. Through ongoing research, innovation, and strategic partnerships, they will continue to lead the industry and improve the lives of millions.

About Institute of Biomedical Research Corp./ DBA M2Bio Sciences

Institute of Biomedical Research Corp, is a nutraceutical biotechnology company focused on alternative plant-based cannabinoids, psilocybin medical and mental health therapeutic research, and artificial intelligence-powered, evidence-based sustainable nutritional products and solutions that develops and commercializes a range of CBD and mushrooms-based products under Dr. AnnaRx, Medspresso, Liviana brands as well as artificial intelligence-powered nutrition products and solutions under the M2Biome brand. In addition, our research and clinical trials with psilocybin are aimed at new therapies that will help patients who suffer from alcohol addiction, mental illness, and cardiovascular diseases. Our mission is to advance botanical-based medicine to the forefront by deploying best-practice science and medicine, clinical research, and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence. The Company is traded on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board of NASDAQ under the trading symbol “MRES”.

Publicly traded Company (OTC-PINK: MRES)

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