Lidl Stores Across Poland and the Netherlands Offering hemperella, a new line of Hemp Food Products


This week, 1,300 Lidl supermarkets across Poland and the Netherlands are offering an innovative new line of hemp-based superfood products called hemperella.


On specially designed displays, Lidl customers will find hemperella protein bars in three flavors: caramel, chocolate, and cherry. These bars are a convenient vegan and gluten-free snack. The line also includes powder for preparing protein drinks in three flavors: strawberry, cookies and cream, and brownie. Additionally, hemperella offers organic food additives such as shelled hemp seeds and a mix of seeds and fruit with dark chocolate, cranberries, and blueberries. These additives are perfect for adding to muesli, porridge, or breakfast cereals.

Food with the addition of hemp is becoming more and more popular, especially among people who lead a healthy lifestyle. Hemp has gained recognition for its myriad nutritional benefits – it is considered a Superfood due to the richness of protein, low carbohydrate content and the ideal ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids (3:1).

hemperella’s nutritious and delicious products are sourced from high-quality, sustainably grown hemp plants.   Eating hemp food products is a great way to reduce one’s impact on the environment and the strain on animal resources.

“We are thrilled to launch hemperella via Lidl, one of Europe’s largest supermarket chains, as we meet the need for healthy, delicious, easy-to-eat products in the rapidly growing hemp-based superfood industry. Hemperella is designed to make healthy eating a popular, affordable, and environmentally friendly option,” said Laura Kam, CMO of Berlin-based CWw Consulting and Marketing.

hemperella’s full product line includes Hemp Flour, Hemp Oil, as well as Protein Powder, Protein Bars, Hemp Seeds, and Muesli and Yoghurt Toppings.

All hemperella products are validated by Eurofins Food Safety Solution and are certified Bio and Safe, NonMO, and Gluten-Free. They are also suitable for vegans and those following a keto-friendly diet.

About CWw Consulting and Marketing GmBh

CWw Consulting and Marketing, headquartered in Germany since 2018, focuses on license-free medical services. With hemperella, their first superfood product line, they provide consumers with high-quality, sustainable, and nutritious food products through the innovative use of hemp-based ingredients.

For more information, visit the hemperella website or follow hemperella on Instagram.