Moody’s Medicinals Creator Ivan L. Moody to Appear Live at The Grove LV

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Moody's Medicinals

LAS VEGAS – Moody’s Medicinals specializing in both cannabidiol (“CBD”) and non-CBD health and wellness products launched its first trailblazing line of high-quality products in June 2019. Today, they announced that a new range of sugar-free AM and PM shots, as well as a new personal CBD diffuser pen that can be enjoyed in three new formulas are now available online at They will also be available in-person at an exclusive launch event in Las Vegas, attended by Ivan L. Moody.The three new formulas for the personal diffuser pen are: Relax (made with organic blackberry and blueberry waters), Energize (made with organic grapefruit and orange waters) and Silver Bullet (made with menthol and mint with vitamin B12 and ginseng).

The Moody’s Medicinals AM Shot is a refreshing Raspberry Lemonade flavor and the PM Shot is a calming Lemon Iced Tea flavor. Both shots are certified pure CBD.Ivan Moody realized that Moody’s Medicinals, as a health and wellness innovator, could provide better ingredients, quality, and potency across its products. “Moody’s Medicinals was created to support me whether I’m on the road, at a shoot, writing music, or just living life. Everyone knows that life is demanding, and that’s what Moody’s Medicinals helps the most with – life,” said Moody, creator of Moody’s Medicinals.


Five Finger Death Punch’s world-renowned lead vocalist, Ivan L. Moody, created the company because taking CBD helped him personally manage his anxiety symptoms, PTSD, and OCD. However, he noticed a gap in the marketplace concerning the extreme amounts of additives the competitors used. He set out to deliver a variety of CBD & non-CBD health and wellness products that do not contain sugars, alcohols, and unnecessary additives.

The official launch event for the new products will be at The Grove (4647 Swenson St, Las Vegas, NV 89119) on Saturday, November 2 at 1:00 p.m. This corresponds with the kickoff for Five Finger Death Punch’s U.S. headlining arena tour (through December 15 before heading overseas in the new year). The best-selling rock band’s two exclusive shows in Las Vegas are on November 1 and 2 at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (4455 Paradise Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89169).

“Whether it’s our AM and PM shots to help you start and finish the day calm and focused or if you use it to tame anxiety like I do, they’re special products. They keep me sustained when I’m unable to eat on a fixed schedule when I’m on the road, and anything that helps you manage your appetite is an obvious plus,” added Moody.

All of the Moody’s Medicinals product lines, including the new products, are available for purchase online at

The company continues to comply in full with all federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations as the company develops its CBD/hemp extract product lines. Moody’s Medicinals is a registered trademark of ILM Distribution, Inc.

Ivan L. Moody, the lead singer of Five Finger Death Punch, created Moody’s Medicinals. He wanted a throat spray and/or hydration option while he was on the road that would allow him to reap the benefits of CBD, without sugar or additional alcohols hidden in the ingredients.

“I want Moody’s Medicinals to reach everyone. I think this could help many people who are willing to try it for 2 weeks or more, including veterans, and anyone experiencing anxiety.”

ILM Distribution LTD brings you quality CBD & non-CBD throat sprays and CBD water products. Moody himself experienced the benefits of CBD while managing symptoms of anxiety, and OCD. He suggested his mother introduce CBD into her daily routine to help with some chronic conditions, and she also experienced success. It was a pivotal moment that helped fuel Moody’s Medicinals.

“I use Moody’s Medicinals, because it tames my anxiety before, during, and after my performances. And it comes in handy when I’m winding down from being on the road. I don’t get to eat on a normal schedule when I’m on tour, so Moody’s Medicinals helps manage my appetite when I am home.”