My CBD Lab Partners with E2 Labs to Build State-of-the-Art Distillation Rig

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CENTENNIAL, Colo. – My CBD Lab, a leading producer of high-quality CBD products, has recently announced that the company will partner with Edward Lemus of E2 Labs to develop a proprietary closed system machine for the production of isolate in an efficient and expedited fashion. This closed system distillation rig is expected to increase the volume of end product by reducing wastage and contamination and accelerating the production process.

“We are proud to announce that we will be working hand-in-hand with E2 Labs on an exciting new venture,” states Vince Kandis of My CBD Lab. “By working together in collaboration, we will build a proprietary isolate crystallization vessel that uses state-of-the-art technology and efficient engineering to expedite production and reduce wastage. We are excited to see what the future holds for the Hemp Industry and our valued customers.”


Isolate Crystallization Vessel

By teaming up with E2 Labs, My CBD Lab aims to set up a closed system machine which will speed up the production process and produce higher volumes of end product. This Isolate Crystallization Vessel will consist of a jacketed SS container, a closed loop vessel for the use of pentane, a controlled C1 D2 mixer, and a chiller to accelerate the process. The machine will be issued for a patent when complete.

With the help of advanced technology and highly efficient engineering, the Isolate Crystallization Vessel is expected to increase production volume by 60 to 70% more that the current production standards. This is an excellent venture for the two companies since the higher production volumes are expected to cause a spike in profits and meet increasing customer demands.

E2 Labs

Edward Lemus of E2 Labs began his Engineering career with Schlumberger, an oil and gas leader. Prior to partnering with My CBD Lab, Lemus was a Hemp Extraction Engineer responsible for operations, local code compliance, laboratory standard procedures pertaining to distillate, crude, decarb and isolate. Lemus holds a patent with the USPTO #20110024602.

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