Native American Hemp Creates Opportunities for Tribes

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TULSA, Okla.Native American Hemp LLC (NAH), is a Native American-owned business that grows, processes, and markets industrial hemp crops and value-added products. By operating in rural communities across North America, NAH prioritizes partnerships with Tribes, farmers, and investors who believe in holistic and environmentally responsible practices. These values reflect NAH’s commitment to help cleanse the air, heal the soil, and end malnutrition in Native American communities through the natural powers of hemp.

Aaron Fournier, J.D. (Chickasaw), one of the company’s co-founders says, “Native American Hemp’s business structure is multi-faceted, we are providing Tribes, farmers and businesses involved in the hemp industry with new forms of economic opportunities. Our expertise is in all things hemp, from consultations and educational events to planting, harvesting, processing, and final product sales.” NAH has a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in creating and supporting successful business enterprises with hands-on experience in legal, startup, investment, and management fields.


NAH cultivated multi-use hemp crops in Oklahoma during 2019, the first full year industrial hemp was completely legalized in Oklahoma, and has now brought in a successful first-year harvest. In addition to cultivating crops, NAH sells high-quality third-party tested hemp products including seed, fiber, biomass, flower, and refined CBD products. In 2020, NAH will expand its operations across North America by creating new partnerships with Tribes, farmers, processing facilities, and other hemp businesses while continuing to cultivate crops and sell hemp products.

“Native American Tribes have powerful competitive advantages in their political sovereignty, tax exemptions, low land and labor costs, and federal support. Unfortunately, despite these advantages Tribes are often overlooked as business centers,” Fournier says. “At Native American Hemp, we are creating opportunities, maximizing advantages, and producing positive returns for our partners and investors, while generating sustainable jobs and business enterprises in the communities that need it most.”

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