New Phase Blends Announces Breakthrough Discovery in Using CBD for Energy

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Dale Hewett, owner and CEO of New Phase Blends, is at it again. Some call him the mad scientist of the CBD world, and for good reason.

His latest development comes in the form of blending synephrine, a naturally occurring alkaloid, with a CBD-rich hemp extract. This mixture is then blended with medium chain triglyceride oil that acts as what’s known as a carrier oil.


Hewett claims this specialized CBD formulation will aid in the enhancement of energy, focus, and other types of cognitive functions. “Since it’s non-caffeinated, you are avoiding the dreaded crash phase that comes along with several other energy enhancing products on the market.”

“Everyone seems to think that CBD is only able to help relax you or mitigate in pain management. There is evidence supported by studies that shows CBD, in low doses, can actually serve as a stimulant,” says Hewett.

‘Go’ is the name of this specialized formulation of CBD for energy and focus enhancement. Using the formulation mentioned above, Go aims to bring a whole new niche to the CBD marketplace, and that’s using CBD to promote natural energy levels.

New Phase Blends sells other blends at their online CBD shop, too. Their sleep aid, appropriately named ‘sleep’, helped set the conditions for them to become a recognized name in the CBD world. Hewett actually filed a non-provisional patent on this CBD-based sleep aid with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

What will New Phase Blends come up with next? They seem to be on the leading edge when it comes to product development for hemp-based items.

“Every CBD store, more or less, is selling the same exact product. While this isn’t necessarily bad, it’s also not necessarily good for these business owners. I truly believe that CBD is an excellent natural supplement, but it works best when paired with other natural compounds. Many people are missing this key trait in cannabinoids,” says Hewett.