Ojai Energetics Partners with Flow Research Collective and UCLA

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OJAI, Calif. – Ojai Energetics, makers of the fastest-acting and most bioavailable water-soluble CBD on the planet, joins the Flow Research Collective and researchers from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in a research project on Flow and CBD. The study is designed to examine the effects of CBD on the amount of time it takes to drop into the flow, the depth of flow experienced, and recovery. Musicians, athletes, and creatives experience a state of flow when a flood of dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and other naturally occurring chemicals give a natural high.

Bestselling author and journalist Steven Kotler, Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective and an advisor to Ojai Energetics has long studied these neuropsychological elements of human performance and describes flow as “an optimal state of consciousness… moments of rapt attention and total absorption, when you get so focused on the task at hand that everything else disappears.”


Exploring the Effects of CBD on Flow

Ojai Energetics is an enthusiastic advocate of the beneficial effects of CBD on the ability to achieve and sustain flow. According to McKinsey, senior executives in a 2013 study reported being five times as productive in a state of flow than otherwise. Yet flow and its applications are not well understood, in the business world or elsewhere.

Ojai Energetics provides the fastest-acting CBD oil on the market, enabling users to feel the beneficial effects of CBD in under 30 seconds. Creators of the only patented, full-spectrum, certified organic and water-soluble cannabidiol (CBD), the brand’s leadership is committed to helping people reap the greatest possible health and wellness benefits from CBD.

“We’re excited to partner with The Flow Research Collective and the esteemed researchers at UCLA to explore the finer details of what we already know—that CBD is greatly beneficial to those wishing to improve their business, sport or creative performance by achieving and sustaining a state of flow,” said Will Kleidon, CEO and founder of Ojai Energetics.

Ojai Energetics Aims to Prove the Benefits of bioavailable CBD on Flow
“Our Super CBD Hemp Elixir is the most effective delivery system of CBD possible, using the most bioavailable and advanced molecular encapsulation process,” Kleidon explained. “Ojai Energetics uses only certified organic ingredients to encapsulate the oil in water, CBD, the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, substantially more bioavailable than fat-soluble oil.”

“Professional athletes including pro-surfer Kassia Meador, from extreme to traditional, love taking our formulas and many report anecdotally an enhanced flow experience. We now get to work with the best to study it in-depth, as we are always about the data and the science, as well as the individual’s journey.”

Those who participate in the CBD and Flow survey can take advantage of a 10% discount on their next order of Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir, CBD Coconut Oil, or CBD Sports Gel from the Ojai Energetics Shop.

About Ojai Energetics
At Ojai Energetics, we exist as a catalyst for good. We employ a non-negotiable, triple bottom line policy of putting people and the planet before profits while being fiscally successful. We are the change we want to see in the world. We strive to run our company with these values, exemplified by opting to run our servers using wind energy and ensuring access to our CBD products for those who cannot always afford them.
We’re adamant about building relationships with the farmers who grow the ingredients we use in our full-spectrum CBD oil, ensuring fair trade wages and only supporting regenerative farming practices.

We’re an ethics-driven health and wellness cannabis technology company with a primary focus on the organic and science-driven nutraceutical and medical sectors. We bring ancient healing products to new life using modern innovations at an affordable level, never compromising the quality of our water-soluble CBD oil. We’re here to provide CBD users with a dependable bridge to optimal living, promoting everyday health and healing.

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At Ojai Energetics, we are a living example that success does not need to be at the expense of the wellbeing of others. Whether you’re an animal lover, a traveler, an athlete, or a busy business professional, or all of the above, you can reap the benefits of CBD, real CBD, every day. We love life, and we love you. Thank you for choosing our organic CBD oil to fuel your life.