Oliver’s Harvest Partners with Noble Paws

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MIAMI – Oliver’s Harvest, a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of organic CBD products, is excited to announce their new partnership with animal activist organization Noble Paws.

The new partnership aims to provide abandoned animals with a better quality of life by donating wellness products to shelters nationwide. Every purchase of Noble Paws CBD oil made on the Oliver’s Harvest website will result in another being donated to a rescue or shelter, giving dogs and cats across the country a natural alternative to a healthier life.


“We are extremely proud to be a part of this initiative,” said Oliver’s Harvest founder Frank Suess. “We are big believers in the way CBD oil benefits pets, so we really think there is a significant potential to improve the lives of animals in shelters across the country.”

CBD hemp oil for dogs and cats has been in high demand in recent years due to the numerous studies supporting its potential benefits. Science suggests CBD can promote wellness in pets as a result of the way it interacts with their system. When it comes to animals, CBD is often used as a dog anxiety medication, as it can help with symptoms related to stress, including whining, pacing, and scratching. CBD for cats and dogs can also be used for sleep problems, inflammation, separation anxiety, and other common health problems.

People interested in supporting Oliver’s Harvest’s new initiative are encouraged to visit www.OliversHarvest.com to learn more about Noble Paws Pet CBD Oil and how it can benefit their pets.

“We are really hoping to make a genuine difference in the life of shelter pets nationwide,” said Suess. “If every animal cannot be given a home, the least we can do is give them a shot at a better life.”

Made with bacon flavoring, Noble Paws CBD oil for cats and dogs is designed to provide owners with a convenient method of administration. It is made with natural extracts obtained from organic hemp, as well as other natural ingredients carefully selected to enhance the effects of CBD. Noble Paws hemp for dogs and cats is currently available for $34.00 on the Oliver’s Harvest website.

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