Planetarie Launches Line of Water-Extracted CBDa Consumer Products

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EVANS, Colo. – Planetarie, the company pioneering water-extraction technology, has created a line of consumer products that contain their highly potent, full-spectrum CBDa.

In an ever-expanding market, Planetarie has set themselves apart from other CBD companies by offering a purer extract without using chemicals and without damaging the cannabinoid molecule. “Our process, which uses only water to extract CBDa from the hemp plant, provides a higher bioavailability of CBDa than other processes,” said Planetarie CEO Stacy Cason, MBA. “In addition to providing our extracts to businesses as a value add to their retail line of CBD, we decided to offer them directly to the public, as well.”


Each infusion begins as USDA-certified organic hemp grown on a farm in Northern Colorado. It is then processed using Water Extraction Technology (W.E.T.) — Planetarie’s patent-pending extraction method that yields CBDa, an acidic precursor to CBD. CBDa has been shown to use different, more efficient pathways to neuroreceptors that give the user all the same benefits in a more potent form. With other extraction methods, extra compounds are introduced and the cannabinoids can be damaged. “People take CBD because they want the positive effects — they want products that are natural and promote well-being. Our extractions are as close to the plant as possible because water is the only element used to draw out the CBDa,” said Cason.

The process Planaterie uses to extract CBDa is based around a stringent set of self-applied standards that are more strict than government standards. By utilizing 3rd-party ISO-certified labs to test incoming hemp for potency, pesticides, and heavy metals, and internal Emerald-badge laboratory testing during production, Planetarie sets itself apart from other companies in the industry. Though there are currently no Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) certifications available for hemp and CBD businesses, Planetarie adheres to these processes and is audited annually to ensure that they remain compliant.

“While we’re incredibly excited to be providing CBDa to other companies in order to help them deliver a better CBDa-infused product to their customers across the planet, we also believe in getting our product into as many hands as possible. Each of us has either experienced the benefits of CBD firsthand or watched it help someone in our lives, and we want everyone to have access to the highest-quality CBDa available,” said Cason. Planetarie is offering an assortment of products, including a drink additive, topical salves, softgels, and an infusion that is made to be taken orally. These products are now available on Planetarie’s website.

About Planetarie
Since its foundation, Planetarie has been leading the CBD industry in clean extraction technology. By providing the most pure CBDa to businesses focused on improving healthfulness, Planetarie is living its commitment to people, the planet, and the plant.