Press Release Black Dog LED Launches Next Generation LED Grow Lighting with PhytoMAX-3

Black Dog Grow Technologies Releases Its Next Generation of Advanced Commercial Grow Lighting Technology with the PhytoMAX-3 Commercial Series

For over 10 years, Black Dog Grow Technologies, based in Niwot, Colorado has been creating grow lighting for commercial applications delivering yields, quality, and longevity unmatched in the industry. Black Dog LED is proud to offer its next generation of commercial LED grow lighting with the PhytoMAX-3 Commercial series.


PhytoMAX-3 provides full and even coverage of the entire lighting footprint with a spectrum that takes commercial grows Beyond PAR including ultraviolet and near infrared to maximize yield, canopy penetration and plant quality. The exclusive Phyto-Genesis Spectrum®  keeps plants compact and bushy to deliver double to triple the industry-standard yield per square foot, while simultaneously increasing active compounds.

“The PhytoMAX-3 Series is the culmination of over 11 years of building LED grow lights. We have taken all of the lessons we have learned and combined those with the latest technology available on the market today along with new patent-pending technology to make the best grow light possible. This series of lights is truly commercial with redundant systems and protective mechanisms built in to help ensure proper operation and protection of our customer’s investment” says Kevin Frender CTO/CSO.

PhytoMAX-3 is now available for commercial orders at Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

About Black Dog LED

Since 2010 Black Dog LED has specialized in maximizing yield and quality with their patented LED grow lights. Working hand-in-hand with professionals and hobbyists alike, Black Dog LED helps them make the most of their passion for growing, and back it with the loyal support of dedicated scientists, growers and industry veterans.

With over a decade of proven results, Black Dog LED is the growers’ choice for indoor grow lighting, delivering yields, quality, and longevity unmatched in the industry. Being based in Colorado has allowed them to work with leaders in the industry and be exposed to industry trends as they emerge. All of their LED grow lighting is designed and assembled in Colorado.