Sigur Ros and Lord Jones Team Up For A Medicated Sound Bath in Tinseltown

HOLLYWOOD – Hundreds waited outside the NeueHouse multi-complex in Hollywood whispering among themselves: “What do you think a medicated sound bath is?” “Is Sigur Ros really going to play?” “I heard Leo is here!”

At 5:30, the doors opened and the crowd trickled in slowly—slowly because as you entered you got a red ticket, a brief tutorial on Lord Jones’s new “Wild Sigurberry” cannabis-infused gum drop collection  (inspired by the flavors of foraged Icelandic berries, wild blackberries, strawberries and blueberries infused with Lord Jones’ signature 5:1 ratio CBD to THC formulation, and two pure CBD options) and an opportunity to browse Lord Jones’s pop-up dispensary where they displayed their full line of edibles and CBD products.


Once medicated and inside the room——a dark, smoky, cavernous space with dozens of candles softly glowing in the darkness——the smell incense is intense. There are beds spread across the floor and a multi-sensory beating heart orb sits above it all, its spidery electronic veins creeping across the ceiling to the soft, ethereal music building momentum.  As everyone settled, the sonically-controlled orb—— created by artist Juan Azulay’s “Sólblossi”——began pulsing quicker, changing colors and shapes as Sigur Ros’s ambient original score slowly filled the room like blissed-out liquid. Three hooded figures carrying incense and candles blithely snaked through the crowd.

An hour-an-a-half later, the orb slowed…and finally fell to a soft, gurgling heartbeat. As the outlines figures began to take shape through the hazy room, one had to wonder: Is the Lord Jones/Sigur Ros collaboration and “the medicated soundbath” the new way to launch your infused products? Or is it just a glorious one-off between one of the coolest cannabis brands and one of the coolest bands?