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Vertosa Develops Emulsion System for Fast-Acting Cannabis Gummies

PLEASANTON, Calif. – A new era for cannabis gummies has arrived. Innovative hemp and cannabis infusion technology company Vertosa, known for infusing over 100...
Real-World CBD Product Research Will Benefit Consumers and Industry-CBD news-CBDToday

Real-World CBD Product Research Will Benefit Consumers and Industry

While dispensary and retail shelves and online marketplaces across the country are brimming with CBD products, extraordinarily little scientific research has explored the safety...
Exploring Market Opportunity for Fast-Acting Infused Gummies-Austin Stevenson-Vertosa-CBD products-CBDToday

Exploring Market Opportunity for Fast-Acting Infused Gummies

When most people hear ‘gummies’ and ‘vitamins’ in the same sentence, it brings to mind images of the Flintstones and children’s candy. But for...

How Startups Can Stabilize Growth

It’s an open secret: Most startups run on chaos. In fact, many dismiss building a solid infrastructure and plan for growth, preferring to ride...
scale CBD company-Austin Stevenson-Vertosa-CBDToday

Scale Your CBD Company like a Pro with Two Essential Tactics

Scaling a CBD company is challenging work on the best day. On the worst days it can feel almost insurmountable, as if your business...
SipCozy CBD-infused non-alcoholic rose wine CBD Today

SipCozy Launches Alcohol-Removed, Hemp-Infused Rosé Wines

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – SipCozy, a new infused beverage developed by and for women, announced today the launch of its alcohol-removed, hemp-infused wine sourced from California's Central...