Tennessee Harvester Enterprises Announces USDA Certified Organic CBD Isolate

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Tennessee Harvester Enterprises (THE) has pioneered a proprietary process that has yielded the world’s the first and only USDA certified Organic Cannabidiol (CBD) isolate. Once thought impossible, due to the prevalent use of hydrocarbons during traditional CBD isolate manufacturing, THE’s process only utilizes USDA certified Organic food-grade processing aids.

This game changing technology could not come at a better time for the rapidly growing CBD industry as the call for CBD as an ingredient is only increasing.  At the same time consumers want to know what is in their packaged goods. Mike Vrabel, THE’s Chief Science Officer explains, “It’s exciting to see our process scaling and being recognized by the USDA. Our approach differs in manufacturing CBD ingredients in that we only utilize USDA Organic food-grade processing aids. Contrast this with an industry standard of manufacturing CBD isolates with a potentially toxic class of hydrocarbons, known as alkanes, and you will quickly understand the difference.  Butane, hexane, heptane, pentane, etc., are great in backyard grills, lighters and industrial chemical manufacturing, not so much in your body. Why adulterate such an amazingly healthy plant like that?”


With a base of operations in Nashville, Tennessee, THE is well positioned to serve hemp farmers and processors throughout the United States, and internationally. THE’s scientific capabilities include USDA Organic certification of both CBD distillates and now CBD isolate, GMP processing standards, repeatedly demonstrating THC free production of less than .001% and a vast white label capability for both domestic and international clientele.

Nor does THE intend to be limited to the production of USDA certified organic CBD distillates and isolates. Given the number of compounds in the industrial hemp plant, there is much work to be done with organically isolating other compounds utilizing THE’s technology. Look for more announcements from THE in the coming months.

About Tennessee Harvester
Tennessee Harvester is an industrial hemp processing and THC remediation company based in Nashville, TN. The company specializes in manufacturing high quality, THC-free, ingredients for healthcare and dietary supplement manufacturers. THE operates through a consultative model that supplies and advises CPG and other manufacturers on customized solutions that add hemp and hemp derivatives to their supply chain. THE delivers the highest quality organic products and assists manufacturers bring them to market.

With more than five decades of collective team experience in the hemp industry, THE’s team has individually worked in most every aspect of the supply chain: from cultivation, distillation, novel manufacturing, engineering custom equipment for chromatography and remediation, formulation, product line creation, and distribution.

More information about Tennessee Harvester can be found at: https://www.tennesseeharvester.com/