The Evolution of Auntie Dolores

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – In 2008 Auntie Dolores emerged on the medical cannabis scene in San Francisco, California and quickly became the go-to for patients seeking outstanding infused gourmet edibles that promoted the freedom for each to determine their own personal dose. Recognizing the special needs of so many medical cannabis patients, Auntie Dolores set itself apart by offering gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan options.

Within a few years, visionary founder and CEO Julianna Carella introduced CBD edibles for those seeking the benefits of hemp and cannabis but preferred a THC-free option. After the 2014 Farm Bill passed, she developed Auntie Dolores’ first CBD oil dropper bottle and capsule derived from US grown hemp. Additionally, the Treatibles brand, a CBD pet line created by Auntie Dolores in 2013, also began to expand across the USA.


Auntie Dolores’ evolution continues. Headed by Carella and her daughter, Dominique Carella, the mother and daughter team have redesigned the brand, expanded the beneficial CBD product line sourced from organic full spectrum hemp oil, and have created a reimagined, inviting and informative website to inform and educate their customers.

New products include:

· High Potency Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil (1500 mg & 750 mg)
This pure oil provides calm, balance and ease. For those liking a little spice in their life, the 1500 mg oil dropper bottle has a hint of cinnamon spice. For people who like their oil straight, the 750 mg oil dropper bottle is unflavored and yet still tastes great.

· Capsules (25 mg)
Is there anything more convenient than CBD in a compact gel cap?

· Hand Sanitizer (20 mg)
Say goodbye to germs with this skin soothing and lightly fragranced gel. The formula features FDA- approved 80% germ defying ethyl alcohol, soothing Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, moisture rich organic MCT coconut oil and a pleasant light citrus mint scent.

· Topical Cream (240 mg)
Because cuts, scrapes, bites, burns and achy joints happen. This naturally scented cream is formulated with penetrating ingredients for maximum transdermal absorption and is ideal for managing joint inflammation, burns, scratches and other minor skin conditions. When absorbed into the skin, the Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil helps regulate the neurological, immunological and physiological functions of the body.

“Our name, conceived in San Francisco’s famed Dolores Park, has significance beyond the person and the place. In Latin Dolore means pain. With Auntie before it, Auntie Dolores = Anti-Pain, so Auntie Dolores is the remedy,” shared Julianna Carella.

“In keeping with the Auntie Dolores tradition of empowering people to take control of their health and comfort in a truly natural way, we have created a new line of products that address the whole person.”

More than 50 years of CBD research shows that it can address anxiety, digestive tract issues, joint and muscle discomfort, support the immune system, assist the body’s natural inflammatory response, relieve skin conditions and more.

“We are living in unprecedented times,” said Dominique Carella, Brand Coordinator and Social Media Manager. “The amount of stress and anxiety many people are experiencing due to the pandemic, social distancing, racial inequality, protests and so many other pressing issues made this the perfect time to introduce Auntie Dolores’ new products.”

“We also wanted to make the products affordable, she added. “By offering them exclusively on, we are able to achieve a lower price point, making Auntie Dolores products more accessible for more people.”

About Auntie Dolores
Established in 2008 in San Francisco by Julianna Carella as one of the first five medical cannabis brands in California, the birthplace of the cannabis legalization movement, Auntie Dolores was built on the core principles of health freedom, delivering exceptional products, remaining environmentally focused and the pursuit of thought leadership.

Now headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, and led by Julianna and daughter Dominique, Auntie Dolores continues to honor its roots while embracing the CBD movement. The mother and daughter team has thoughtfully researched and developed functional products including oil dropper bottles, capsules, topical cream and hand sanitizer, all featuring proprietary organic full spectrum hemp CBD oil.

The company’s exceptional oil undergoes a state-of-the-art deep cryogenic extraction process utilizing ethanol, an FDA-approved Class 3 solvent. During the cryogenic process, the ethanol is frozen to -80°C, making the solvent much more stable and effective. The oil then undergoes a thermal separation technique that increases purity, while destroying any and all pathogens and contaminants. The Auntie Dolores oil is then distilled, removing any residual solvent and creating a clear oil, all while protecting the cannabinoids, terpenes and other natural compounds.

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