VCC Brands Subtle Tea

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Ten years ago, VCC Brands founder and Chief Executive Officer Kenny Morrison, ventured beyond his company’s standard product offerings to cater to a specific request.

“We’d already been in business for two years making cannabis baked goods and chocolates in Venice Beach when Dennis Hopper’s nurse came into our dispensary with a request in 2010,” said Morrison. “Dennis was battling cancer and found relief through THC so his nurse asked us for something hot and soothing that Dennis could drink. I started out by crafting a dry tea which needed to be prepared. I delivered these first samples to the doorstep of Dennis’ home right down the street from our shop. Each time I was invited back, I refined the formula more and more.”


Morrison’s beverage evolution continues with Subtle Tea, VCC’s most recent launch.

Subtle Tea is an adaptogenic, cold-brewed tea handcrafted with terpenes and cannabinoids purported to “expand the body’s capacity to handle mental, physical, and emotional stress.” The collection includes two full-spectrum formulations—White Peach Black Tea with 10mg THC, and Jasmine Green Tea with 5mg 1:1 CBD to THC—and a broad-spectrum, keto-friendly tea with 25mg CBD in each of three flavors: Jasmine Green Tea with Lychee, White Peach Tea with Cardamom, and Ginger White Tea with Fuji Apple. All five varieties are made with fair trade, organic ingredients, and contain no sugar, gluten, or artificial sweeteners. MSRP $7 – $10.