Wisdom Essentials Launches CBD-Infused Supplements for ‘Modern Midlifers’

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NEW YORK – It’s the biggest audience in America, but one that’s being increasingly ignored by marketers: the “Modern Midlifers” — people well established in their lives, socially engaged, upwardly mobile and determined to continue at the speed they want, no matter what their age. Enter Wisdom Essentials, a new line of CBD-infused supplements for health-conscious people focused on mind, body and spirit wellness. The products, including three oils, a topical relief balm and vegan gum drops, are physician formulated supplements designed for those looking to improve concentration, energy, mood and stamina, while helping alleviate pain and anxiety.

Founded by long-time friends Denis Keane and Tom Lamb, Wisdom Essentials is a brand that harvests the wisdom that they, and many people like them, have amassed over their years. Everything they’ve learned and experienced throughout their lives greatly influenced the design and ingredients in their products. They’ve put the “Wisdom” in “Wisdom Essentials,” natural alternatives to keep active people still on their A game. Sharpening focus, instilling calm or aiding sleep are just a few of the improvements “Modern Midlifers” are looking to achieve.


“We designed Wisdom Essentials specifically for the ‘Modern Midlifers’ — people like  us who are still enjoying life,” says Keane. “This is the biggest part of the population in the US, and the highest spending part of the economy.  We wanted to create a line of products that met their needs specifically.”

“Modern Midlifers are more attuned to what they eat, drink and put in their bodies,” added Lamb. “Wisdom Essentials was created to give them a natural alternative to prescriptions and other untested remedies so they can keep going at the speed that best suits their lives. Modern Midlifers don’t want to slow down. We want to keep going. And our products were designed to help them keep pace.”

As part of the product launch, the founders of Wisdom Essentials are building a community like themselves to share and connect with like-minded people dealing with similar experiences.  Its website includes e-commerce, perspectives about the “Modern Midlifer” audience, important information about the benefits of its ingredients and messages from its founders. The “Wit and Wisdom” Podcast features interviews with doctors, authors, politicians and other special guests talking their lives, confronting and overcoming obstacles, embracing new practices and pivoting in their careers, among other topics. And the “Wit and Wisdom” Blog includes essays and articles also of interest to this audience, including information on CBD, the importance of a good night’s rest and essays by the founders about their lives and inspiration in creating the brand.

Though developed before the COVID shut down, Keane and Lamb believe Wisdom Essentials — its products and the community they are creating  — is more relevant than ever. With a heated election, pandemic, social unrest and an unwieldly economy praying on people’s minds, mental health professionals have recorded record spikes in depression, anxiety and restlessness.

“You cannot turn on the TV or go online without feeling a sense of unease and nervousness,” says Keane. “People are more stressed and unsure than ever, no matter how old you are. 2020 has really tested our resolve and put a much-needed spotlight on mental health.”

Added Lamb: “Many people are finding that CBD may help them feel calmer and less anxious which is needed now more than ever.

Developed in consultation with medical professionals, Wisdom Essentials products were created using “Botanical Science” technology, which incorporates ingredients like melatonin, terpineol, humulene and CBD in supplements.

“Our doctors and chemists rely on this method to create the ingredients for Wisdom Essentials, and then we meticulously lab test them to ensure only the precise amounts specified may be found in each capsule, tincture and balm,” said Keane.

The CBD in Wisdom Essentials is a natural, non-psychoactive formulation. Numerous studies have shown it helps deal with stress, anxiety and insomnia. Additionally, according to the European Journal of Pain, topical use of CBD can help lower pain and inflammation due to arthritis, as well as prevent inflammatory and neuropathic pain. CBD “exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential,” according to the World Health Organization. “To date, there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”

“Modern Midlifers especially are starting to see the opportunity that CBD and other nutraceuticals and nootropics can do for them,” says Lamb. “More people are looking for natural, non-psychoactive options to feel better. CBD has shown to be effective.”

Wisdom Essentials five products, available at www.wisdomessentials.com, include:


  • Dream: CBD with melatonin, myrcene, terpineol, terpinolene and mandarin–helps aid with natural sleep
  • Calm: CBD with limonene, terpinolene, linalool, geraniol–helps aid with overall sense of balance
  • Focus: CBD with ginkgo biloba, lion’s mane, l-theanine, eucalyptus, humulene, pinene, limonene–helps aid in in eliminating brain fog and focus.


  • Soothe: CBD with virgin olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, mango butter, arnica, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, menthol crystals, vitamin e, roman chamomile–help aid in relieving sore muscles and body aches


  • Vegan Calm Gum Drops: CBD with Sugar, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Water, Pectin Blend, All-Natural Flavors and Colors, Citric Acid, Limonene, Terpinolene, Linalool, Geraniol & Sunflower Spray

“The trend to plant-based ingredients is a direct outcome of people looking for natural, less obtrusive ways to feel better, eat better and be better,” says Keane.

For more information, visit https://wisdomessentials.com/