X-Games Veteran Darrin Mees Chooses Rooted Hemp CBD

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BEND, Ore. – Rooted Hemp CBD has been essential for 7 times X-Games athlete and Professional Snow Bike Racer Darrin Mees. He uses it for better health and greater performance and swears by the quality of Rooted Hemp’s products.

“I just turned 30,” Darrin Mees says, “and I definitely believe that the Rooted Hemp CBD products have helped me feel the best I ever have as an athlete.” Not only have Rooted Hemp’s products been an integral part of his mental and physical health, but he never races without them.


Mees has been a racer almost his entire life. He has raced dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and snow bikes. However, his road to becoming a professional racer and a 7 time X-Games athlete was not an easy one. There was a time when it looked like he would have to give up racing in order to support his family. Things weren’t going well, so he did what he had to do. He got up at 4 AM every morning to work as a crane operator until he heard that snow bike racing was going to be in the X-Games.

After two days of driving in the snow without sleep, he arrived at the qualifiers in Minnesota. He only had time to go around the track twice before the event began. Nevertheless, he was able to make some passes in the final laps and earned his ticket to the X-Games.

Today, as a professional athlete, Mees is always looking to maximize his performance and health. “Being a racer for that many years has been pretty harsh on my body,” Mees admits. “I use the drops and the cream when I need to recover quickly from soreness or injuries.” Snow bike racing is a tough sport and it takes everything he has to be successful. Rooted Hemp CBD has been a big part of Mees’s success.

Rooted Hemp CBD is some of the finest on the market. Working closely with growers in Central Oregon, Rooted Hemp’s CBD helps athletes and others to get a better night’s sleep, recover quickly from injuries, improve concentration, and boost overall health. For some, Rooted Hemp CBD is life-changing.

“I really believe in this company and what they stand for,” Darrin Mees says. “I have never worked with any sponsor that treats me and my family so well. They make me feel like family.”