American Premium Water Corporation Announces Developed Prototype of CBD Pet Water With JV Partner LinkRes Pets

PLAYA VISTA — via OTC PR WIRE – American Premium Water Corporation (OTC: HIPH) (“the Company”) announces that it has developed a prototype LYNKS CBD Pet Water with Link Reservation, Inc. (OTC: LRSV). The product is part of the joint-venture (JV) announced last month to produce a CBD-infused water specifically designed for consumption by household pets, using the Company’s proprietary Hydro-Nano formulation. LYNKS CBD Pet Water is expected to be launched at retail in early Q3 2019 or sooner.
CEO American Premium Water Corporation, Ryan Fishoff, commented, “I am excited to announce the development of CBD Pet Water with our JV partner LinkRes Pets. The amount of interest and inquiries from retailers led us to fast track the development of this product. LYNKS CBD Pet Water will be a premium product that is a category creator. This will be an innovative product that will have no direct competition at launch, and we’re really excited to own market share with this product. LYNKS CBD Pet Water was designed to have premium branding in line with LALPINA CBD. Having LALPINA CBD as part of the branding story for LYNKS CBD Pet Water, we will be introducing the power of our proprietary Hydro Nano formulation to pet owners across the country who might be prompted to try LALPINA CBD for themselves.”
LinkRes Pets ( produces CBD products specifically tailored for cats, dogs and horses. LinkRes’s current product offering is exclusively CBD oil. Lynks CBD Pet Water is the first non-CBD oil that the Company is producing. The American Pet Products Association estimates that the US pet product industry will be worth over $75 billion in 2019. New Frontier Data projects that the CBD Pet Product Market will reach $125 million in sales by 2022. And according to a report by Research and Marketing, over 55% of US households own a pet, and are more likely to be in a higher income household than non-pet owners.
“The pet beverage market itself is an almost non-existent market; there are very few pet beverages outside of protein drinks and additives in the market place. I think we have the opportunity to grab shelf space really quickly with this product. We are already in discussions with distributors and look forward to be sending out samples in the near future. I am very bullish on the revenue potential for this product; I believe that it could add between one to three million dollars of incremental revenue to the P&L once distribution is fully reached. LYNKS CBD Pet Water is another example of Company successfully leveraging its IP and technology to generate revenue. The Company’s focus on science and technology has been paying dividends, as this JV with LinkRes Pets is the latest partnership where we have utilized our proprietary Hydro-Nano formulation to enter markets outside our core focus. Partnerships with Hanlon’s Brewery (beer) and with Lynne Franks (women’s beauty and wellness) are examples of success with this strategy. We are engaged in discussions with other potential partners about utilizing the Company’s technology for applications in different product categories. I look forward to providing shareholders with updates on these conversations, as well as a launch date for LYNKS CBD Pet Water,” concluded Mr. Fishoff

About American Premium Water Corp.
American Premium Water (OTC: HIPH) is a diversified luxury consumer products company focused on businesses in the health and beauty and biotech sectors. The company is focused on harnessing the powers of hydrogen and Nano technologies paired with cannabidiol (CBD) to treat health disorders and enhance quality of life. This business model aims to market emerging fashion brands by leveraging classic retail partners and incorporating disruptive blockchain technologies to expand the retail footprint. The company’s portfolio includes the LALPINA Hydro and LALPINA Hydro CBD brands (, LALPINA Productions, LALPINA Records, Canyon Create (, Vanexxe ( and Gents (