ISBG Enters $94B Functional Beverage Market with New Product Launch

LAS VEGAS – International Spirits and Beverage Group Inc. (OTCPK: ISBG) (“ISBG” or the “Company”), a top-tier brand incubator in the Global Wine & Spirits and CBD-Infused Products markets, is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Company’s new Functional Beverage product line.

“The functional beverage space is a perfect fit for our Wellness division right now,” commented Terry Williams, CEO of ISBG. “The space is growing rapidly and we continue to expect strong wellness-related products to have lasting success in an expanding market context for the long-term, which makes it the perfect investment from a product perspective right now.”
Management notes that the functional beverage market caters to health and wellness consciousness, with consumers seeking nutritional inputs that can help to foster a healthier lifestyle. Functional beverages often represent high-nutrition dietary impact crafted to enhance performance and accomplish desired physiological goals through formulations focused on herbs, vitamins, minerals, nootropics, amino acids, or unprocessed fruit or vegetable material.
According to a new study by Grand View Research, the global functional drinks market is expected to reach $93.68 billion by 2019. The primary trend is being driven by a combination of greater focus on health and wellbeing by all consumers and the gradually increasing share of all consumption being accounted for millennials and younger consumers.
The Company has already begun early-stage production of CBD-infused versions of its functional beverage products as well, which could amplify the return on fixed-cost investment associated with development and product launch.
“Our initial focus will be on the central axis of a healthy functional product that can be marketed successfully to consumers who want an enjoyable beverage that packs a healthy punch,” continued Mr. Williams. “The pilot run will focus on electrolytes and strong functional impact with at least two core flavors. Our analysis suggests this is a market niche moving into accelerated growth, and we want a big toe in the water.”

About ISBG:

International Spirits and Beverage Group (ISBG) is an authorized importer, licensor, and marketer of premium beverage brands, with sales of innovative products and brands worldwide. Based in Nevada, the Company’s expertise lies in the strategic development and aggressive early growth of its brands and the establishment of these brands as viable and profitable as an incubator. ISBG intends to nurture emerging brands through critical stages of market development, including conceptualization, go-to-market strategy, supply chain and logistics engineering, integrated marketing, and distribution. In addition, ISBG has now established itself as a health and wellness company with a focus on reshaping the CBD products market through state-of-the-art nanotechnology processes, developing a wide range of nano-infused CBD gummies and beverages formulations. These products will be sold through the Company’s website, as well as through established wholesale and retail distribution channels. The company has also partnered with Bengala Technologies to develop and commercialize enterprise and B2B software technology products targeting the logistics and supply-chain marketplace.