Cannasphere Biotech Launches Three CBD Beverages

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PHOENIX – This week Cannasphere Biotech introduced a lineup of nanoliposomal CBD beverage powers in 3 refreshing flavors, powered by the company’s patent pending Lipofusion™️ delivery technology. The first three flavors available are: Passionfruit Citrus, Ginger Lemonade, Blueberry Chill.

“The flavor possibilities are virtually limitless and these Lipofusion CBD beverage powders create a refreshing, enjoyable CBD experience.” said Star Simmons, president of Cannasphere. “Consumers yearn for the promises that CBD holds so they put up with unpalatable tinctures or powders, or add more capsules to their pill routine. That’s not necessary any longer. Just add any of these great-tasting CBD beverage powders to water, shake, sip and enjoy.”


According to Simmons, these flavored CBD beverage powders, powered by Lipofusion, are available for private label and can be packaged in convenient single-serving stick packs or pouches with 30 or 60 servings, containing 10 or 20 mg of nanoliposomal CBD per serving. The company also offers custom formulation services for brands that would like to develop their own custom flavors and perhaps add other synergistic actives, such as Vitamin C, curcumin, or melatonin, that combine well with CBD.

“While the market is becoming crowded with ineffectual CBD products, it’s important to set your brand apart by offering CBD products that get results. Our Lipofusion delivery technology allows CBD brands to do that,” said Andrew Wood, biochemistry advisor for Cannasphere. “Lipofusion technology utilizes nanoliposomal encapsulation to facilitate rapid onset and sustained release to ensure consumers actually feel the difference and enjoy lasting benefits.”

In fact, Forbes published an article on October 1st showcasing a recent pharmacokinetic study demonstrating that nanoliposomes are the most optimal way to deliver CBD to the human body. Cannasphere’s hemp-derived, water-soluble CBD products are broad spectrum and formulated using patent pending nanoliposomal delivery technology called Lipofusion to optimize bioavailability and assimilation of cannabinoids at the cellular level. Discover more at

“When consumers get remarkable results, they become very loyal to a particular brand—they may even become brand evangelists. That translates into repeat sales as well as word-of-mouth buzz,” added Simmons.

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About Cannasphere Biotech
Cannasphere Biotech combines the power of Cannabidiol (CBD) with its proprietary leading edge Lipofusion delivery technology to maximize efficacy and deliver remarkable, reliable benefits. The company offers unflavored manufacturing-ready Lipofusion CBD powder and a variety of private-label CBD products including flavored CBD beverage powders.

About Cannabidiol (CBD)
According to, the excitement around Cannabidiol (CBD) and its many health benefits is steadily increasing worldwide. Scientific and clinical research worldwide underscores the potential of CBD as an effective medicinal agent intended to support wellbeing. CBD is currently being studied as an adjunct therapy for a wide range of conditions including arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, MS, chronic pain, schizophrenia, PTSD, depression, antibiotic-resistant infections, epilepsy, and other neurological disorders. CBD has demonstrable neuroprotective properties and is a focus for anti-cancer investigation at several US and international academic research centers.