USA Triathlon to Partner with CBD Producer Pure Spectrum

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Image: lazyllama / Shuttestock,com

Former and current athletes have been singing the praises of CBD lately, and in some cases, even joining the industry. Now, USA Triathlon, a member of the United States Olympic Committee, will call itself a partner of the CBD industry.

USA Triathlon will be working with Pure Spectrum, a Colorado-based CBD producer. Pure Spectrum offers a line of tinctures, topicals, and isolates. The company does not appear to offer edibles, keeping it in line with current Food and Drug Administration (FDA) policy which still bans hemp and CBD infused edibles.


“Pure Spectrum is proud to announce we are now the exclusive partner of USA Triathlon, representing the sports industry’s first-ever CBD partnership with a U.S. national governing body,” Pure Spectrum said on its website. “Pure Spectrum’s mission is to improve quality of life by connecting people to the healing powers of the hemp plant. We believe our partnership with USA Triathlon gives us an opportunity to execute this mission on the ultimate global stage—with elite-level endurance athletes.”

While the partnership may seem surprising to some, it could signal that USA Triathlon realizes more and more athletes are using CBD for training and recovery. This may help encourage athletes to purchase CBD from a reputable source. Some CBD products, especially those purchased on the black market, have been found to contain THC and even more dangerous compounds. Using these products can result in athletes failing drug tests or worse, suffering from dangerous side effects.

USA Triathlon has reportedly decided to work with Pure Spectrum because the company uses multiple independent labs and posts the results online. Aaron Scheidies, a cyclist who participated in the 2016 Olympic Games, is seeking help with recovering from hip surgery as he attempts to make the 2020 Olympic team and is interested in using CBD.

“I feel pretty safe with a company that does batch testing and, on top of that, has the approval of USA Triathlon,” Scheidies told the Los Angeles Times. “I’ve been interested in trying CBD for quite some time now.”

According to L.A. Times, U.S. Olympic officials were not aware of any other national governing body that has partnered with a CBD producer.