CarryOn Launches Sparkling CBD Waters and Brand Mission

Logo: CarryOn

DENVER – New brand CarryOn™️ has launched sparkling CBD waters as well as a brand mission to normalize the pursuit of mental wellbeing. With over 56% of Americans reporting negative effects on their mental wellbeing, CarryOn™️ believes that the pursuit of mental wellbeing should be as prominent as physical fitness and nutrition, all as important pieces of holistic health and self-care.

The brand has launched two lines of its sparkling CBD waters: Elevate and Descend. Elevate is geared to keep you calm but sharp. Elevate blends choline to keep you fueled and focused, and 10mg of CBD. Descend is designed to provide relaxation with no impairment. Descend combines L-Theanine to help you relax and calm the mind, and 20mg of CBD isolate.


Developed by industry experts with over 50 years of experience in beverage innovation, both Elevate and Descend are only 10 calories per 11.5 fl oz can, provide vitamins C & E, and have no added sugar.

“We believe mental wellbeing should be as second nature as physical fitness, and so we set out to create a CBD beverage that provides real functional benefits like focus and relaxation. We understood there was a gap in the market for a trustworthy CBD beverage that tastes good, and also helps calm the mind without unwanted side effects. So, we set out to solve that gap with the CarryOn™️ brand,” said Josh Wiesman, Co-Developer of CarryOn™️ brand. “No one should ever be made to feel bad or ostracized for prioritizing their mental wellness. Our brand is dedicated to support in a meaningful way.”

CarryOn™️ is working locally with the Colorado Restaurant Foundation’s Angel Relief Fund with a donation to support the Angel Relief Fund’s efforts to care for hospitality workers’ wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. The donation will specifically support restaurant and food and beverage hospitality workers who have lost their livelihood due to the global pandemic. CarryOn™️ recognizes the importance of everyone doing their part to support those who might be most severely impacted by the current pandemic, particularly in their own communities.

CarryOn™️ was developed by Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.’s Lighthouse Incubator, which was created by the farmer-owned cooperative last year to accelerate accessible health and wellness-focused innovation. CarryOn™️ products have launched as a pilot test in Colorado. With CarryOn™️, Ocean Spray is seeking to make an impact in the mental wellness space with emerging functional ingredients.

CarryOn™️ Elevate and Descend can be found at AppleJack Liquor Stores in Colorado for purchase via pick-up, delivery or in-store throughout the Denver metro area, Colorado Mountain, I-70 corridor, and Highway 87 areas. CarryOn™️ is available in individual 11.5 FL OZ cans for $4.99 MSRP. For more information about CarryOn™️, please visit

CarryOn™️ products are sparkling CBD-infused waters that marry delicious taste and functional ingredients to elevate your mood or hone your focus and calm. Our mission is to help guide individuals along their journey to feeling OK – whatever that may mean at a given moment. CarryOn™️ offers a delicious tasting and functional beverage. Try CarryOn™️ Elevate in Sparkling Grapefruit help you feel refreshed by hydrating the body and calming the mind with featured ingredient Choline; Elevate also contains Vitamins C&E and CBD. CarryOn™️ Descend in Sparkling Blueberry delivers relaxation and focus using L-Theanine; Descend also contains Vitamins C&E, and CBD. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, CarryOn™️ will be available exclusively at AppleJack Liquors in Colorado in May and rolling out at additional select retailers in Colorado throughout Summer 2020.