Eaze to Exclusively Deliver Former NBA Star Paul Pierce’s New CBD Line

(Image: s_bukley / shutterstock.com)

Former NBA star Paul Pierce is the latest professional athlete to make an impact on the CBD market.

The former member of the Boston Celtics is now the founder and chief executive officer of The Truth CBD Remedies. The new line will only be available through Eaze Wellness, a CBD marketplace operating in 46 states. Eaze, initially known for their delivery services, launched the CBD retail platform last year and intends to market Pierce’s products to athletes for recovery. Pierce’s vaporizer battery, Vesper, is also sold through Eaze Wellness.


“I created The Truth CBD Remedies to offer athletes a product they’d not only enjoy, but fully trust—a reliable product I use myself,” Pierce said in a press release. “I’m passionate about making sure athletes have support before, during, and after the main event.”

Pierce is seeking to provide customers with a brand they can trust.

“There is a lot of noise in the CBD market. The Truth CBD Remedies partnered with Eaze Wellness because of the shared commitment to getting high-quality products into the hands of people that care deeply about their well-being.”

Calls to allow professional athletes legal access to CBD products have been growing recently. For years, athletes, especially players in the National Football League, have been prescribed addictive opioid-based medications for pain while cannabis and CBD products remain banned by professional sports organizations.

“The conversation around cannabis and sports has fundamentally changed as an increasing number of athletes recognize the power cannabis can have on mental and physical wellness,” said Prahar Shah, vice president of business development at Eaze.

Shah, who is excited to be selling Pierce’s line, believes CBD may be approaching a critical turning point. Pierce, a ten-time all-star, is not just a fringe player with little to lose in the public arena.

“Paul Pierce isn’t just any athlete. He is one of the most celebrated and recognized Boston Celtics players ever, and his embrace of CBD shows just how much the industry has changed. His products are one-of-a-kind and we are delighted to be the exclusive home of The Truth.”