Greenbox Robotics Supplies CBD Vending Machines to Select 7-Eleven Stores

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Image: Greenbox Robotics / Facebook

7-Eleven, the largest chain of convenience stores in the United States, is now offering some customers a thrifty way to purchase CBD products.

Two Colorado locations, in Boulder and Denver, now have CBD vendor robots. The dispensing machines have been supplied by Greenbox Robotics and provide several benefits to stores considering a foray into the CBD business. Not only are Greenbox robots capable of dispensing CBD without the need for an additional employee, but they can also safely store products and may even increase foot traffic, a formula already proven successful by Redbox.  


“What we’re looking for is to generate sales and show 7-Eleven corporate that this is a value add, we’re introducing a product that is protected, not on shelves to risk theft, but we are also looking to generate sales for you in your store beyond just the CBD product,” Greenbox Robotics’ founder Zack Johnson told Cheddar.

The robots were introduced over the summer and first used by Come Back Daily, a CBD shop in New York City. When initially conceived, Johnson envisioned the robots being used within dispensaries as an automated option for cannabis dispensaries to serve customers quickly while keeping staff members free to help others. CBD’s quick rise in popularity and its newfound legal status after passage of the 2018 Farm Bill has provided Johnson with a new and much wider use for the Greenbox robot. 

Johnson also views his CBD vending machines as a way to educate consumers about the products they are considering. 

“When they click on the actual product, they’ll get as much information as the manufacturer of that product provides, so they can make an educated decision as to which product makes the most sense for their needs, as well as learn what is CBD and how it can help their everyday lives,” Johnson said in August.

The vending robots may also be a chance for Greenbox and 7-Eleven to gain valuable customer insight into the products consumers prefer. Johnson seems to think this may have been the reason he was able to strike a deal with 7-Eleven store owners.

“[7-Eleven] has been known to invest into things that increase sales for their retailers,” Johnson said.  

Kenneth Monfort, director of development at the Monfort Companies and son of Colorado Rockies co-owner Charlie Monfort, owns the Boulder 7-Eleven using Greenbox. 

“I believe that adding Greenbox to our 7-Eleven stores will add value, intrigue, and delight our customers while reducing shrinkage,” Kenneth Monfort said in a statement. ”We trust Greenbox to curate the CBD collection we offer our customer base.”