Illegal Burger Partners With Multiple Companies to Sell CBD-Infused Burgers

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DENVER – Although Illegal Burger, a chain of restaurants owned by West Coast Ventures Group Corp. throughout Colorado with two locations in Denver, seems to be operating without breaking any laws, they may be looking to live up to their name. Illegal Burger now has plans to offer CBD-infused burgers through a partnership with AmeriCanna Cafe which is owned by North American Cannabis Holdings. The burgers will be infused with CBD from Cannastix, an infused spice pack made by Biolog that can be added before food is cooked.

Initially, the CBD burgers will be sold through a food truck operated by AmeriCanna and Illegal Burger. The truck will make appearances at pop-up events and outside of recreational dispensaries. 


Illegal Burger may eventually offer CBD infused burgers in its retail locations. It is currently marketing new franchising opportunities for those interested in operating an Illegal Burger. Being a part of the first franchise restaurant chain to offer CBD-infused food products seems to be playing a major role in Illegal Burger’s pitch to prospective franchise owners. Although investors have many options when it comes to franchise opportunities, Illegal Burger stands to offer something unique.

“Illegal Burger’s biggest differentiator is our exclusive line of CBD products,” the company said on its franchising-specific webpage. “Be a part of the first CBD restaurant franchise in the U.S.”

Although CBD infused foods and beverages are quite popular, the FDA has been slow to greenlight CBD as an approved additive for use in edible products. It is unclear if West Coast Ventures is planning on waiting for further clarification from federal regulators. Sales of infused burgers from the Illegal Burger and AmeriCanna truck are expected to begin this spring. It is possible new regulations could be in place by then. 

Despite the lack of legal clarity, Illegal Burger is excited about its future. “Our U.S. expansion plans will position Illegal Burger to play an important and significant role at the forefront of this incredible, growing trend,” the company said.