Introducing Chelsea B. CBD Infused Fizzy Soda: Elevate Your Vibe Naturally

Chelsea B. Drugstore


Chelsea B. Drugstore is thrilled to announce the launch of Chelsea B. Soda, a groundbreaking line of functional beverages designed to empower individuals to manage their moods with the help of CBD. This innovative, all natural, brand offers three delightful flavors infused with varying levels of CBD, allowing consumers to enhance their desired vibe naturally: energy, focus, or calm.


“We are excited to introduce Chelsea B. Soda for those seeking a refreshing and new way to manage their moods,” said Todd Holmes, Founder and CEO of Chelsea B. Drugstore. “Our beverages are crafted with the utmost care, blending the benefits of CBD with a range of botanicals, to provide an uplifting experience without the psychoactive effects of THC. Our distribution plan is driven by our love of music – we go where the music vibes are, starting with Chicago, our hometown and moving to Nashville and Austin this year. Listening to live music and sipping a Chelsea B. just go hand in hand. Even the name of Chelsea B. is inspired by the 1969 Rolling Stones song ‘You can’t always get what you want’,” said Holmes.

At the heart of CBD Fizzy Soda is the use of NANO-TECH CBD, a cutting-edge technology developed by Harvest Moon Labs. This groundbreaking innovation ensures maximum bioavailability and absorption of CBD, allowing consumers to experience the full potential of its mood-enhancing benefits.

Join the growing movement of individuals seeking natural mood enhancement with Chelsea B. Drugstore’s CBD Fizzy Soda. Discover the flavors that resonate with you and experience the uplifting benefits of CBD in a refreshingly groovy way. Chelsea B. Fizzy Sodas are now available in Chicago, Southern CA with expansion to NYC, Austin and Nashville in 2023 and are available for purchase at select retailers and online at or @chelseabsodas.

About Chelsea B. Drugstore. This leading functional product development company in Chicago. Established in 2022, is dedicated to bringing innovative and creative functional benefits to the market with a primary focus on providing consumers with alternative options that enhance their well-being and lifestyle. Chelsea B. Drugstore is continuously exploring new possibilities and opportunities in functional product development.