Left Hand Technologies Acquires Hemp Harvest Innovation

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Hemp Harvest Innovations (HHI), known for disruptive, environmentally-friendly technology in the industrial hemp processing and CBD sectors, has been acquired by Left Hand Technologies (LHT), which provides engineering consulting services and custom parts design and fabrication. HHI is now known as Left Hand Infusion Technology (LHIT). Current processes for CBD extraction from industrial hemp are notorious for producing hazardous waste. Those operating these extraction systems are exposed to flammable chemicals and fumes, and extractors must build facilities to accommodate potentially explosive materials. Producers must also wrestle with legal disposal of the resulting byproduct of CBD production — biomasses saturated with toxic solvents. LHIT’s infusion systems eliminate the need for flammable, explosive solvents and materials. This means that the post-production biomass is chemical-free and compostable. If producers choose to compost the biomass byproduct, the system becomes zero-waste. LHIT will continue to offer safe, scalable, sustainable technology for producing full-spectrum botanical infusions free of dangerous solvents and risky extraction methods. These solventless infusion systems offer full-spectrum, whole-plant, high potency infusions. The resulting infusions can be ingested as-is, without additional processing, or formulated into products, and require only one step of post-processing for incorporation into personal care products. To learn more, visit the Left Hand Technologies website, or contact the company at (970) 445-2520.