NRS PAY Announces Credit Card Processing Now Available for Cannabis and CBD Retailers

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NEWARK, N.J. – National Retail Solutions (NRS), leading provider of point-of-sale systems for independent retailers across the USA, is pleased to announce that NRS PAY, its credit card processing service, is available for cannabis and CBD, smoke and vape retailers. National Retail Solutions, a division of IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT) global provider of fintech, cloud communications and traditional communications services, launched NRS PAY a few years ago, as a complementary force for the NRS point-of-sale (POS). Since the inception of NRS in 2015, over 20,000 POS systems have been deployed across the nation.

NRS is the leading point of sale (POS) with integrated NRS PAY credit card processing for independently owned convenience, grocery, liquor, tobacco, hardware and gas station c-stores, is now increasing in popularity within the cannabis industry. The over 53 million+ transactions per month across the POS network are expected to increase dramatically now that NRS PAY is able to offer merchant services for cannabis and CBD retailers.  “These previously often barred stores have struggled hardships with being unable to accept credit card payments. Due to processing company laws and strict regulations, until now, very few credit card acceptance options were available for these retailers. NRS PAY, integrated with the NRS POS or used as a standalone service, is opening up opportunities for these stores. Many cannabis and CBD retailers are located in densely populated inner cities coast-to-coast, with heavy competition, and they need to be able to accept credit card payments,” says Elie Y. Katz, president & CEO of National Retail Solutions.


“NRS PAY cannabis merchants, by virtue of their demographic profiles, business model and foot traffic, rely upon payment methods beyond conventional cash or check, especially during Covid-19, when shoppers are anxious to avoid hand-to-hand contact. Our customers, the retailers – and their customers – are grateful for payment options without the exchange of cash. Credit card acceptance goes way beyond just the checkout counter on location. It extends to the retailer being able to accept payments over the phone, or online,” adds Katz.

NRS President & CEO Elie Y. Katz says, “Our core mission has always been to help our merchants succeed amidst competitors. By providing our point-of-sale technology for cannabis retailers, combined with integrated honest, reliable payment processing, we enable independent businesses to effectively compete and thrive. With a built-in customer loyalty program and on-screen advertising, plus premium POS features such as customized club programs, our POS network helps stores by attracting customers and increasing foot traffic, while its merchant-friendly technology assists with all aspects of store management and provides insights and reporting. We are excited to provide NRS PAY credit card processing, offering the cannabis niche our products and services.”

NRS PAY, newly available for this industry, is helping merchants all across the country save money with its low-rate plans, including its especially popular FeeBU$TER program, with one flat monthly rate $49.95 and zero out-of-pocket transaction fees. The FeeBU$TER monthly fee is waived for any business processing over $18K monthly. NRS PAY additionally offers rapid, same-day funding as well as unlimited EBT programs.

“Whether a cannabis business processes $1,000 a month or $100,000 a month, NRS PAY has a plan that will save them money. We want our customers to be extremely “happy” with our products and services. We believe a “happy customer is a long-term customer – and we take customer satisfaction very seriously,” concludes Katz.

About National Retail Solutions (NRS) Inc.

NRS operates a nationwide point-of-sale (POS) terminal-based platform for grocery, convenience, liquor, tobacco and hardware stores, plus gas stations c-stores. The NRS platform provides a robust portfolio of tools to help these retailers compete more effectively. It boasts a built-in loyalty program plus extra, optional premium features including Tobacco Scan Data, POS-DVR Camera Integration, ID License Scanning and more. The POS offers one-touch portal access to Boss Revolution voice and payment services. It also seamlessly integrates with NRS Pay credit card processing. With or without a POS, on-location, online or on-the-go, NRS PAY processing tailored to help business owners save money. For more information on the NRS POS or NRS Pay, visit National Retail Solutions (NRS) is a subsidiary of IDT Corporation.