Pro Athletes Taking CBD Research Into Their own Hands

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The trend of athletes voicing support for CBD is continuing to grow. Now, some athletes and professional sports organizations are looking to uncover even more information on CBD’s healing potential.

The NFL and the NFL Players Association have launched the Joint Pain Management Committee. The committee will include “medical experts appointed by both the league and union, which will establish uniform standards for club practices and policies regarding pain management and the use of prescription medication by NFL players as well as conduct research concerning pain management and alternative therapies,” the NFL said on its website.


The league has come under scrutiny in recent years as opioid addiction for pain management continues to be an issue for players. Although dangerous opioids often are prescribed for players, cannabis continues to be off limits. Testing positive, even once, for cannabis or CBD use will result in an automatic suspension for players. The league may finally be looking to end the wild days of unsupervised opioid use.

“The Joint Committee will also receive periodic reports from a newly-developed Prescription Drug Monitoring Program that will monitor all prescriptions issued to NFL players by club physicians and unaffiliated physicians,” the league said.

In addition to the NFL, former U.S. Ski Team member Chad Fleischer has announced that he is launching YUDAH, a company that will produce CBD oil. Fleischer hopes to provide relief to those dealing with chronic aches and pains. He certainly has some insight when it comes to managing pain. Fleischer was involved in a terrible crash on an Austrian mountain. He has since undergone seven knee surgeries and one neck surgery.

Fleischer was unhappy with current options for CBD products and decided to take matters into his own hands. Just like NFL players, he is worried about the dependency often formed by taking opioid medications.

“We are enabling athletes like me to keep living and recreating in the best environments in the world,” Fleischer said of YUDAH.

Fleischer says his products should be FDA compliant and will not exceed 0.3 percent THC.