PureHemp Technology Begins Marketing Water Soluble CBD Product Line

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FORT LUPTON, Colo. – PureHemp Technology LLC, a vertically integrated industrial hemp products manufacturer, announced it is now selling a new line of high quality water soluble CBD products for its Pure Kind Botanicals brand and for private label clients.

CBD, along with the other cannabinoids found in agricultural hemp, are oil-based and therefore don’t mix well with water. Water solubility allows CBD to be formulated into water-based beverages and products with greater absorptivity into the body.


PureHemp has teamed up with technology developer New Age NanoTech to produce a water-soluble CBD product line. PureHemp is using their advanced manufacturing process to produce the clear, liquid pharmaceutical-grade micro-emulsion that is added to Pure Kind Botanicals products to make water-soluble cannabinoids. The patented manufacturing process also delivers a longer lasting product, with a shelf life guaranteed for 18 months.

The associated and amplified CBD health and wellness benefits of water-soluble CBD can be experienced in Pure Kind Botanical products. “We’re complementing our full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD products with water soluble offerings for the health, wellness and beauty markets”, said Rich Hamlin, sales manager for Pure Kind Botanicals. “We believe that the enhanced bioavailable and fast absorption benefits of our water soluble products is a true evolution of cannabinoid-based products”, he said.

The new Pure Kind Botanicals water soluble product line includes Vitamin C Serum, Sun and Wind Relief, Soothe Relief Lotion, Micellar Water, Facial Serum, Bath Salts, an Overnight Nighttime Face Cream and naturally flavored CBD tinctures.

“The benefits of our water soluble CBD products include the most bioavailable, fastest acting CBD infused products in the marketplace”, Hamlin continued. “We believe that the benefits of water solubility will be very attractive for all consumers seeking improved health and wellness”, he said.

For more information visit www.purekindbotanicals.com.

About PureHemp Technology
Based in Fort Lupton, Colorado, PureHemp Technology is a privately owned, vertically integrated industrial hemp processor. In addition to processing hemp stalks, the company has been actively involved in growing organic hemp, extracting cannabinoids from the flowers, and producing premium CBD-infused products under the Pure Kind Botanicals brand in their GMP and Certified Organic manufacturing facility. During the past six years, PureHemp has been formulating, manufacturing and fulfilling CBD-infused consumer products that are being sold under many private label brands throughout the U.S. PureHemp’s manufacturing facility is fully GMP compliant along with having USDA Certified Organic status. Unlike other CBD companies, PureHemp has been processing industrial hemp stalks since 2014 using their advanced CCR-based biorefining technology to rapidly convert biomass into value-added products such as pulps to produce hemp paper products and hemp-based sugars to make bioplastics. For more information see www.PureHempTech.com and www.PureKindBotanicals.com.