Retired First Responder Launches Wicked Root CBD Products

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Logo: Wicked Root

OAKLAND, Calif. – Wicked Root is a Michigan based CBD brand recently launched by Thaddeus Setla after spending 13 years as a medic in Pontiac, MI and Oakland, CA.

“As a medic in Oakland, the opioid addiction, chronic pain and mental health deeply concerned me. It’s common sense science that drives my interest in helping those in need and by producing high quality CBD products I can help more people than ever!. It’s my turn to help millions.” says Setla.


Wicked Root’s mission is to unlock the healing power of cannabis and create trusted, safe and highly effective wellness products through transparency and consistency. From seed to sale, all ingredients are listed on the label so that consumers can make educated decisions about their healthcare.

Wicked Root’s formulations are tested throughout a patented process to ensure consistency across ingestion mediums, product categories, cannabinoid and terpenes profiles. This formulation allows cannabinoids, phytocannabinoids and other organic compounds released in a proprietary way to provide the intended benefits of the whole plant.

The brand utilizes local suppliers who employ Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and are licensed hemp product manufacturers in the state of Michigan. Thaddeus notes, “As a medic for over thirteen years, I witnessed first-hand the poor mental health support and chronic pain for both patients and fellow first responders. I set out to build a product and brand that is focused on delivering transparency and consistency.”

In addition to building a culture where mental wellbeing is top of mind, Wicked Root pledges to offer CBD products to military and first responders in need at 10% over cost with select products.

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