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DENVER — A team of chemists in Colorado and Ireland launched Santeer, a science and outcome driven CBD brand with products for both humans and pets. Santeer’s data-driven technology and next-generation formulas allow consumers to absorb more of their CBD with Santeer Chewable Tablets and be confident with the desired outcome.
Instead of adding solubility enhancing chemicals to their products, Santeer utilizes patent-pending technology to achieve optimal solubility and identify the right volume and profile of terpenes ideal for specific purposes, such as sleeping or focusing. After developing over three-hundred formulations to optimize effect, duration, and consistency, the Company’s Chewable Tablet was tested as 10 times more soluble than soft gels and CBD Isolate, and five times more soluble than hemp oil and MCT tinctures.
After various chemist roles in the pharmaceutical world and five years in the cannabis industry, Chris Denicola collaborated with two like-minded experts to bring cutting edge science to the CBD market through Santeer. Denicola was surprised
by the market’s lack of innovation with dosing methods and overall product experience. “It seemed to me that the CBD industry needed to catch up with modern day technology. For example, I couldn’t understand why we were relying on antiquated products like tinctures that belong in a medieval apothecary, not in a world where you can order these products online and have them shipped to your doorstep,” said Denicola.
When using MCT tinctures, hemp oils, and soft gels consumers are only absorbing between 9-20% of the product they have purchased, and the remainder of the CBD is excreted. Consumers were missing out on most of the benefits of CBD by sticking with these outdated delivery methods. “Using other methods of consumption would be like going back to a flip phone after using a smart phone,” said John Hogan, Chief Commercial Officer of Santeer. “What consumers had before was working, but they simply didn’t know what they were missing.”
Santeer released three variants of single dose Chewable Tablets for humans: “DREAM” for a restful sleep, “FOCUS” for taking on the day’s tasks and “RENEW,” which contains synergistic anti-inflammatory cannabinoids and terpenes for overall well-being. Santeer’s formulations and outcome-focused labels were designed for the curious consumer who wants to know exactly how the products will affect them. The company foresees adding at least three SKUs to the current lineup in the near future to boost creativity, relieve social anxiety and provide overall relaxation.
The Santeer LUV Pet Tablets come in three terpene-free variants for small, medium and large dogs, making it easy to find the right dose for your pet instead of tinctures which are difficult to measure, or treats which are often high in calories and sugar. The ingredients for all human and pet products are non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free, calorie free and vegan.
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About Santeer
Santeer is a next generation CBD product brand under Prism Science, an IP holding company with over 30 cumulative years of experience converting market needs into
science-driven technologies and products. Santeer uses cutting edge science and natural ingredients when formulating outcome-driven CBD products that are both convenient for consumers and environmentally friendly. The name Santeer combines santé, the French term for health and the suffix -eer which means ‘denoting concern or involvement in’ which speaks to the company’s overall goal of improving the quality of life for humans and animals alike. To learn more or purchase our products visit us online at